Where to Buy the Xiaomi 11T & 11T Pro in the UK: Early Bird Deals

Where to Buy the Xiaomi 11T & 11T Pro in the UK: Early Bird Deals

Where to Buy the Xiaomi 11T & 11T Pro in the UK: Early Bird Deals

Xiaomi announced its latest handsets on 15 September (a day after Apple announced the iPhone 13 range) in the 11T and 11T Pro.

While the phones belong to the Mi range, they are also the first to launch in Europe without ‘Mi’ in the name, a prefix Xiaomi dropped for simplicity. Xiaomi also launched a budget 11 Lite 5G NE phone, Pad 5 tablet, and the Mi Band 6 with NFC at its event.

So what can you expect from the Mi 11T and 11T Pro?

For starters, the 11T isn’t entirely an upgrade, but rather a more affordable version of the Mi 11, as Xiaomi makes way for the Xiaomi Mi 12 later this year.

Part of the price drop can be attributed to the step down from the Snapdragon 888 chip to a MediaTek Dimensity 1200, as well as a 8GB cap on the RAM (instead of 12GB). Compared to the 11, the 11T offers a smaller 6.67in display and a slightly thicker chassis (which now houses a larger 5000mAh battery), but you still get the 120Hz AMOLED screen.

Xiaomi retains the 108Mp main camera on the 11T too, though this time adds a larger f/1.75 aperture. The ultrawide sensor drops to 8Mp from 13Mp, however, but Xiaomi compensates with a 5Mp telemacro camera. 

Things haven’t changed much on the 11T Pro front. Xiaomi keeps the Snapdragon 888 and 12GB RAM top configuration, while boosting wired charging speeds to 120W, which should allow a full charge in 17 minutes according to Xiaomi. You’ll have to wait to read our review to see if that’s true of course.

In the meantime, see everything there is to know about the Mi 11T and 11T Pro. We’re also separately looking at where to buy the Xiaomi Mi 11 and 11 Pro which has £150 off at the moment.

When do the Xiaomi 11T & 11T Pro release?

Xiaomi 11T sales begin 8 October. Pre-orders on the Xiaomi 11T Pro start 24 September with sales starting 1 October.

How much do the Xiaomi 11T & 11T Pro cost?

Xiaomi 11T price

  • 8GB RAM + 128GB storage- £499/€499
  • 8GB RAM + 256GB storage – £549/€549

The handsets will be available in Moonlight White, Celestial Blue, and Meteorite Gray.

Xiaomi 11T Pro price – £100 off!

The 11T Pro goes all the way up to 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, but that option may not release in the UK.

  • 8 RAM + 128GB storage – £599/€649 – save £100 with early bird pricing from Xiaomi
  • 8 RAM + 256GB storage – £649/€699
  • 12 RAM + 256GB storage – €749

Where to buy the Xiaomi 11T & 11T Pro SIM-free in the UK

11T Pro SIM-free retailers

The 11T Pro will be available to pre-order from Xiaomi starting at 12 noon on 24 September. You can save £100 with code XIAOMI11TPRO. The handsets will be available in Celestial Blue, Meteorite Gray, and Moonlight White.

You should also be able to find it from the following confirmed retailers in the UK as well:

11T SIM-free retailers

The 11T goes on sale via Xiaomi on 8 October. Confirmed retailers in the UK include:

Where to buy the Xiaomi 11T & 11T Pro on contract

Vodafone and Three will offer the 11T Pro in the UK. There currently aren’t any confirmed retailers for the standalone 11T in the UK. We’ll update this article with additional networks if more are confirmed.

Stay tuned for our full review of the Xiaomi 11T phones. You can also see how the competition stacks up in our round-up of the best mid-range phones.

See what we think about the Xiaomi 11T and Pad 5 launch in our weekly show Fast Charge:

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