WhatsApp working on new apps for Windows and macOS

WhatsApp has been available on computers for a while now, but it is essentially the mobile app, adapted for desktop. According to a source from Italy, this will change in the future, as the company is developing an entirely new application for Windows and macOS.

Aggiornamenti Lumia posted screenshots and gifs, revealing what the new software will look like and what will be its key features.

WhatsApp working on new apps for Windows and macOSThe WhatsApp UWP (Universal Windows Platform, allows the app to be used on Xbox as well) will be designed in line with Windows 11, with semi-transparent panels. It will work even when it is closed, with notifications arriving as usual, and will take no longer than one second to start.

The app will have a drawing feature which will be very neat for devices with touch-screen displays, ALumia revealed.

Settings will be grouped in six categories – General, Account, Chats, Notifications, Storage, Help. The app looks a lot like the Skype one, but with some flat design elements and the traditional green color of the conversation bubbles.

WhatsApp working on new apps for Windows and macOSWABetaInfo added that the new version is coming to macOS as well. The main changes will be an improved user interface, but ETA is still unknown.

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