Thu. Oct 28th, 2021
WhatsApp Community could be the app’s upcoming social media function

With over two billion people on its service, WhatsApp has quickly become one of the most used communication tools of the modern-day. People use to chat with each other, people use it for official purposes — believe it or not, most of the official work is done on WhatsApp here in India — and people use it for group chats and calls. One of the other uses of WhatsApp is when a sporting event or any other major event is in play. Be it a great goal or a missed touchdown, a phone launch, or any other news breaking event, people love to discuss it over text messages. According to a new report, WhatsApp might be working to bring people with similar interests easier to find using a new feature called Community.

whatsapp Community apk teardown

XDA-Developers tore down the WhatsApp APK file for Android revealing details about the community feature. Though the APK teardown doesn’t reveal much about the feature, it hints that the so-called Community feature will co-exist with Groups and share a similar codebase.

Though it isn’t sure about it, XDA says the Community feature could possibly be a social media function within WhatsApp. It will be similar to how Facebook Groups work. A community will have multiple groups under it. Or it could also be a feature where an admin could host threaded responses in a discussion, much like how Telegram allows for threaded responses to its own Channel posts.

For now, it’s only a speculation. WhatsApp hasn’t uttered a word about this feature being developed. Moreover, one of the most active leakers of the WhatsApp features, WABetaInfo, is yet to say anything about this feature. Also, please keep in mind that the APK teardown doesn’t mean this feature will end up being a part of a future update because it is still not implemented or even tested and developers may decide to remove it.

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Via: XDA-Developers

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