Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Trademark decision suggests Samsung Galaxy Note really is dead

The Samsung Galaxy Note line just took one extra step towards total oblivion.

As spotted by Dutch website Galaxy Club, Samsung has opted not to renew its Galaxy Note trademark.

The South Korean tech giant renewed many of its smartphone brand name registrations in its home country towards the end of August. These included its flagship Galaxy S and foldable Galaxy Z series, alongside the more affordable Galaxy A and Galaxy M lines.

In all this, however, the Galaxy Note name is conspicuous by its absence. This is far from conclusive proof that the Galaxy Note series is no more, of course, but it’s the latest in a series of strikes against the popular Galaxy Note name.

In July, Samsung itself confirmed that there would be no Samsung Galaxy Note 21 this year, as it planned to focus on its emerging Galaxy Z Fold line. With the success (at least critically) of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, that seems unlikely to change in 2022.

Then there’s the fact that Samsung has sought to implement the Galaxy Note’s USP, the S Pen stylus, into both its flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra and the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Galaxy Note fans will continue to hope for a reprieve, of course, and may yet get their way at some point in the future. As good as it is to have S Pen access on Samsung’s other flagships, neither matches the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra‘s seamless integration.

Of course, if 2022’s Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 manages to stash a compact S Pen into its body and further drops its starting price, it will be difficult to see a way back for the Note line.

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