There’s a heart-breaking bug on the Google Store

There’s a heart-breaking bug on the Google Store

There’s a heart-breaking bug on the Google Store

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Last updated: May 2nd, 2022 at 13:10 UTC+02:00

The Google Store went through a few positive UI changes recently and it now rocks a modernized look, but these updates also appear to have introduced a bug to the platform, wherein customers got tricked into thinking that they have $500 worth of Google Store credit at their disposal.

For more convenience, the new Google Store UI informs customers of their available credit right in the drop-down account menu. So far, so good. But after Google applied these changes to the Store’s UI, numerous customers got the wrong information about having $500 worth of store credit available for spending when they didn’t. So, what gives?

It turns out that the Google Store erroneously shows this $500 credit to customers that already have some credit attached to their accounts (via 9to5Google). So, if you have $0 credit, you shouldn’t experience this bug. But if you have even $1 in store credit, this bug will make it seem like you got $500 worth of credit instead.

The ‘fake’ credit only seems to show up in the drop-down account menu, but Google Store users should be able to check their real credit from their accounts’ settings page, as seen in the screenshots below. Don’t get fooled by the $500 pop-up.

Google will probably address this problem soon because this bug is a bit of a heart-breaker. Many people assumed that the $500 free in-store credit was associated with the latest update, but it turns out that Google wasn’t that generous. The bug only sets people up for disappointment, and sadly it takes the shine away from Google’s UI modernization efforts.

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