Sony smartphone division up 25% YoY

Sony smartphone division up 25% YoY

Sony smartphone division up 25% YoY

Sony’s latest financial report reveals some information about its smartphone division and how profitable it was in the last quarter. The earnings report shows that Sony saw a boost in sales revenue for its mobile communications division for the last quarter, which means that whatever Sony is doing, it seems to be working to be in the green once again.

Sony confirmed in the report that the main reason it managed to increase its revenue from JPY 79.1 billion ($696.8 million) to JPY 99.1 billion ($872.6 million) is that it managed to increase the sales of mobile devices. 

Previously, Sony let go most of its staff and it reshuffled its mobile division multiple times until it found the right formula on how it can keep the business operating while keeping it somewhat profitable. As it turns out, years of struggle and reshuffling its division may have helped the company to stay on its feet, and it is now happy to report profits – albeit, far less than its competitors. 

In recent years, Sony started focusing on the more premium mid-range, and upper, higher-end devices. The company started focusing on power users and professionals who required an additional tool to help and guide them while taking images or recording videos on either their mobile devices or their SLR or DSLR cameras. Sony recently released the Sony Xperia PRO-I that brings a large 1-inch image sensor.

Sony’s other divisions also reported a rise in revenue, with Sony’s Music and Film divisions reporting an increase of 29.4% from JPY 402.2 billion ($3.5 billion) last year Q2 to JPY 520.8 billion ($4.6 billion) in the latest financial quarter. The TV and Film division also saw a significant 28.9% increase year-over-year from JPY 360.6 billion ($3.2 billion) to JPY 464.9 billion ($4.1 billion) in 2021. 

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