Samsung might finally come to its senses and launch OLED TVs next year

Samsung might finally come to its senses and launch OLED TVs next year

Samsung might finally come to its senses and launch OLED TVs next year

Last updated: December 27th, 2021 at 10:46 UTC+01:00

After exiting the OLED TV space, Samsung resisted launching new OLED TVs for almost a decade. It even ran marketing campaigns against LG’s OLED TVs and the burn-in factor associated with OLED panels. However, it seems like the company is finally coming to its senses, and it could unveil new OLED TVs next year.

According to a report coming out of South Korea, Samsung will unveil OLED TVs early next year (probably at CES 2022) and launch them in European and North American markets in the first half of 2022. It might also launch them in other Asian markets, but there has been no confirmation regarding the topic. The company has reportedly completed quality testing of TVs made using LG Display’s OLED panels.

Samsung’s budget OLED TVs could use LG’s OLED panels

The company was expected to use Samsung Display’s OLED panels, but it couldn’t make enough of them. Hence, the company’s TV-making unit reportedly decided to use a dual-track approach and buy OLED panels from LG Display and Samsung Display. The report states that LG’s OLED panels might end up in Samsung’s budge OLED TVs.

DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultant) estimates that LG can manufacture around 8 million OLED glass sheets annually. It is rumored that Samsung could be buying 1.5-2 million of those sheets for its own OLED TVs. The company could still use 8K MiniLED TVs as their flagship models. With a combination of QLED, MiniLED, OLED, and MicroLED TVs making up its entire TV lineup, consumers would have a lot of choices if they want to buy a Samsung TV.

In the coming years, the company is targeting to make smaller-sized MicroLED TVs as its flagship TV products, offering the best of both worlds (contrast ratio and perfect blacks of OLED TVs and reliability and high brightness of LCD TVs). However, making smaller-sized MicroLED TVs with higher resolution at scale is very challenging.

Samsung Neo QLED TV

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