Samsung Internet 17.0 is live following two months of beta testing

Samsung Internet 17.0 is live following two months of beta testing

Samsung Internet 17.0 is live following two months of beta testing

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Last updated: May 4th, 2022 at 14:09 UTC+02:00

Samsung Internet version 17.0 just came out of the beta stages of development and is now available for download from the Galaxy Store and the Google Play Store. This version of Samsung’s web browser for mobile entered the beta phase in mid-March, promising better tab management, minor UI improvements, and new anti-tracking measures.

Samsung announced that Internet version 17.0 is available starting today. However, the rollout is staggered, so the latest update isn’t rolling out everywhere at the same time.

Availability differs by region and other factors, but these caveats aside, the update should soon have a worldwide reach.

What’s new in Samsung Internet 17.0?

Samsung Internet 17.0 emphasizes user convenience and ease of access to certain features. For example, thanks to the new update, users can now drag and drop web tabs on top of each other to create tab groups with much more ease.

The tab grouping function already exists in Samsung Internet, but the way it worked up until now required a few extra taps. Thankfully, with this new Samsung Internet version, users can create tab groups by simply dragging and dropping one tab over another.

Another feature that’s been available for some time but got slightly reworked with Samsung Internet 17.0 is smart anti-tracking. On its own, this feature isn’t new, but version 17.0 enables smart anti-tracking by default.

In case you’re wondering, smart anti-tracking prevents third parties from attempting to track the user’s personal information.

Moving on to another convenience feature, Samsung Internet 17.0 makes it so that users can access the Browsing privacy dashboard directly via the Quick Access page.

And last but not least, the latest update promises an improved search experience across history, saved pages, and bookmarks. Samsung Internet 17.0 can now recognize common user typos and supports phonetic matching. It also expands upon translation capabilities with five more languages (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Vietnamese) for a total of 26.

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