Tue. Oct 19th, 2021
Samsung Galaxy S22 range could be set for a battery downgrade

Fresh leaks suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S22 range might not see much of a boost to battery life.

According to SamMobile, two new Samsung SDI batteries have just cropped up as part of the 3C certification process. The model numbers suggest that these pertain to none other than the Galaxy S22 Plus and the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It seems that while the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will pack the same meaty 5000mAh cell as its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus will fall notably short of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. The new device will come with a 4500mAh cell as compared to its predecessor’s 4800mAh.

While we liked the Galaxy S21 Plus a lot, one thing that didn’t impress us quite so much was its battery life. We found the battery life to be nothing more than average, at least in the global Exynos model that we tested.

We’ve heard reports previously that the plain Samsung Galaxy S22 will also see a drop in battery capacity, from 4000mAh in the Samsung Galaxy S21 to 3800mAh. Neither sounds particularly massive by modern standards.

Of course, battery life is about much more than just raw capacity. Presumably, Samsung’s Exynos 2200 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 898 will step up their efficiency game over their predecessors.

But it would have been nice to have seen those inevitable SoC efficiency gains added to a solid baseline of good old milliamp hours.

As ever, we’ll have to wait and see. Samsung typically announces its flagship S series during the early months of the year, so we’re likely less than six months away from an official Galaxy S22 unveiling.

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