Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G BoM is $550, analysts estimate

Counterpoint Research has published a breakdown of the Bill of Materials for the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, which totals just under $550, component costs make up about $468 of that.

The rest of the money goes to assembly and testing, accessories and everything else that’s needed before the phone can be sold. The retail price is $1,300 (before discounts and trade-ins).

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G BoM is $550, calculate analystsThe researchers make an interesting note – the components for the mmWave version of the phone cost about 10% more than those for the sub-6 model. The mmWave version is built on Qualcomm hardware including the S865+ chipset and X55 modem.

With these Snapdragon-powered versions nearly 40% of the money for components go to Qualcomm, Samsung-made components account for 50% of the cost. That number goes up to 70% for the Exynos models (the chipset and the modem are two of the most expensive components).

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G BoM is $550, calculate analystsCounterpoint highlights several design wins, including NXP’s module that combines UWB, Secure Element, NFC and eSIM in a single package. Qorvo, Largan Precision and Corning also get a nod.

“Samsung has done an excellent job in designing, manufacturing and integrating multiple advanced technologies and components in a very thin and light form-factor compared to the previous generation flagship models, and with a competitive BoM cost structure. The total BoM cost achievement is slightly under $550 with the component cost making up around $468, which is a commendable for a device with a list price of $1299,” says Senior Analyst, Ethan Qi.


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