Roborock Q5+ and Q7+ launched: Smart vacuums with Auto Dust Emptying

Roborock Q5+ and Q7+ launched: Smart vacuums with Auto Dust Emptying

Roborock Q5+ and Q7+ launched: Smart vacuums with Auto Dust Emptying

After introducing the Roborock Q7 Max+ last month, Roborock is officially launching its army of new smart robot vacuum cleaners in the US. Roborock has added the new Q5 and Q7 series to its mid-range lineup. And finally, Auto Dust Emptying is only available through the Q5+ and Q7+ models.

  • Roborock launches Q5 Q5+, Q7, Q7+ and Q7 Max series smart robot vacuums in the US.
  • The Q5 and Q7 robot vacuums feature 3D mapping and Auto Dust Emptying.
  • The Roborock Q5+ is priced at $700 – and discounted by $100 until this April 28th.
  • Availability and pricing of Q7 and Q7 Max series are not yet announced.

You don’t need to be confused about which model to buy as the different Roborock Q series models are only separated by a few functions. The more affordable series, as you guessed correctly, is the Q5 series. However, let’s discuss first the similarities between the two smart vacuums.

Roborock Q5 and Q7 series get LiDAR with 3D mapping, 2700 Pa suction power

Similar to more expensive robot vacuums such as the Roborock S6 Pure, both the Q5 and Q7 series feature a Lidar scanner that creates 3D maps of your floors and rooms. Users can edit the maps by adding furniture or floor objects. In addition, marking of no-go zones and invisible walls is also possible in the smartphone app. With multi-level mapping, the vacuum identifies the floor and adjusts the cleaning method accordingly.

In terms of technical specs, both series have the same 2700 Pa suction power. That is substantially lower compared to the 4,200 Pa of Roborock’s Q7 Max. But according to Roborock, it’s still strong enough to lift an AA battery and successfully clean carpets. Both series feature the same battery life of up to 3 hours on Quiet Mode which is sufficient time to clean an area of 3,200 sq feet cleaned (300 m2).

Roborock Q7 Plus with Auto Dust Emptying
The Roborock Q5+, Q7+, and Q7 Max+ come with the Auto Empty Dock that provides up to 7 weeks of self-cleaning. / © Roborock

The major difference between the Q5 and Q7 is the mopping function which is not available on the former. The Roborock Q7 adds a damp cloth below the vacuum that users can detach if not needed. The Q7’s dustbin capacity is measured at 750ml compared to 470ml of the Q5.

If you want the self-empty dock that automatically unloads the dirt and dust from the vacuum, then you should go for the plus models. The dock itself has a 2.5-liter dust bin that can last up to 7 weeks of hands-free cleaning, says Roborock. I guess it comes down to the amount of cats you have.

Pricing and availability of the Roborock Q5(+), Q7(+), and Q7 Max

Roborock is offering a special launch offer for the Q5+ for $600 – which is $100 off the regular price. The offer only lasts until April 28. There is no word yet on the prices of the vanilla Q5, Q7, and Q7 Max as well as for their plus models with the Auto Dust Emptying feature.

How much are you willing to pay for a robot vacuum cleaner? Tell us in the comment section below.

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