Tue. Oct 26th, 2021
Retailer listing says iPhone 13 will be available in under a month’s time

It doesn’t take a genius to look at Apple’s past flagship smartphone release dates and spot the pattern. Every non-SE iPhone since the iPhone 4S has been announced in September, aside from last year’s iPhone 12, which was pushed back a month thanks to the global pandemic.

All the same, Chinese site IT Home claims to have narrowed it down even further, thanks to retailer pre-order information screenshotted and posted to Weibo. 

The listing highlights that the iPhone 13 will come in four sizes – regular, mini, Pro and Pro Max as with this generation – and be available to pre-order on September 17, with units arriving in early adopters’ hands a week later, on Friday 24 September. The same retailer suggests AirPods 3 will follow shortly after, on Monday 30 September.

As Apple events usually take place on a Tuesday, that would suggest the event itself will be held on 14 September, with pre-orders opening at the end of the week. 

And while others have predicted the show will be a week earlier (presumably with the release date also bumped up), this schedule lines up with what leaker Jon Prosser’s site Front Page Tech has heard. A 17 September pre-order window is what the site’s sources have been reporting too, which means we should expect to see press invites drop in inboxes on Tuesday September 7.

There is one other thing that this leak seems to confirm: the next iPhone will indeed be the iPhone 13, and not the iPhone 12S as has been occasionally suggested – and not without logical reason. Back in June, a survey of over 3000 Apple product fans found that one in five would be put off buying the new iPhone if it had the ‘unlucky’ number 13 in the title. Apple, it seems, is preparing to call these superstitious fans’ bluff. 

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