Thu. Oct 28th, 2021
Qualcomm unveils aptX Lossless for Bluetooth devices

Snapdragon Sound technology is a thing that exist for some time now it is unveiling another impressive feature called aptX Lossless. As the name implies, the technology allows for lossless audio streaming over Bluetooth as long as the headphones and the streaming device support it.

Qualcomm unveils aptX Lossless for Bluetooth devicesThe aptX Lossless feature isn’t just about quality streaming, it’s also pretty smart. It goes up to 16-bit and 44.1 kHz audio. It normally streams at 1Mbit/s but if the connection isn’t great or the audio file doesn’t have it, it can scale down to just 140 Kbits/s.

In fact, the aptX Lossless is an extension of aptX Adaptive tech that currently runs the show in these sorts of scenarios. It constantly monitors the input, output and RF environment so you will get the best possible quality and performance.

Qualcomm unveils aptX Lossless for Bluetooth devicesThe first consumer-ready products with aptX Lossless will come out towards the end of this year. Perhaps one of the main drawbacks of TWS headphones – streaming quality – has been resolved, Pretty impressive.


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