Protection & Style For Every Budget

Protection & Style For Every Budget

Protection & Style For Every Budget

The iPhone 12 mini is the smallest of the four 5G-enabled iPhones Apple released in 2020, and it also has the smallest price tag at just £699/$699.

Our Reviews Editor Chris Martin called the 12 mini “the best small phone you can buy”, dubbing it the “pocket rocket”. The 12 mini combines an excellent OLED screen into a small chassis while flexing top specs, including an A14 Bionic procesor, and excellent cameras. See the full iPhone 12 mini review.

MagSafe makes a return in the iPhone 12 series too. It’s a magnetic system that locks the phone right into place on a wireless charging pad, meaning you spend less time fussing over whether it’s connected properly. It’s a useful feature, but it also means you’ll need to pick up a case that’s MagSafe compatible if you don’t fancy taking the case off each time you want to charge your iPhone.

Here we’re looking at the best iPhone 12 mini cases – both standard and MagSafe-friendly options, at every price! 

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If you’re looking for an Apple case that will fit perfectly, it’s difficult to overlook Apple’s own options

The Leather Case, made with high-quality leather that’s “specially tanned and finished” will keep your phone looking classy and free of scratches.

The case works with MagSafe (obviously) which means it will magnetically snap onto the iPhone 12 mini, as well as a MagSafe wireless charging mat without any fuss. Of course, it also supports other MagSafe accessories like the Leather Wallet attachment (pictured).

Apple does note, however, that using MagSafe accessories can leave an imprint in the leather over time. If that doesn’t bother you, pick up the Leather Case with MagSafe from Apple for £59/US$59/A$89.

Mous – Most rugged and stylish

Mous iPhone 12 mini Limitless 3.0 case

If you are looking for something heavy-duty, we’d be remiss to forget Mous, a brand we’ve recommended time and again for rugged drop protection – as well as style.

Mous’s iPhone 12 mini Limitless 3.0 options can be used with MagSafe wireless chargers – somewhat. You just won’t get the same magnetic “snap” as you would with an Apple case. That is, you’ll need to make sure the phone is placed on the wireless pad properly.

Mous explains this hindrance is due to their cases being slightly thicker than Apple’s, to allow maximum protection. 

Instead, the Limitless 3.0 range works with its own ecosystem of magnetic accessories and wireless chargers (though its Clarity case will work with Apple MagSafe). Mous makes its own wallet attachment too, just like Apple.

Mous offers a lifetime warranty too. Pick one up for £39.99/$49.99 directly from Mous or via Amazon.

Atom Studios Split Wood Fibre – Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Atom Studios Split wood fibre

A lot of iPhone cases look similar, but the Split from Atom Studios really stands out.

Available in nitrogen blue or bromine orange, it uses a combination of anodised aluminium and eco wood fibre for a two-tone finish. If you prefer, there’s a cheaper silicone model available.

The grade 5052 aluminium (used in architecture, aircraft and marine environments) adds protection, and the eco-friendly wood fibre is made from recycled wood and cornstarch-based ingredients. The packaging is sustainable, too.

The case is slim, lightweight and supports official MagSafe chargers. A 1mm raised edge helps to protect the display. It fits perfectly, is lined with microfibre on the inside and is one of the most well-made iPhone cases we’ve seen.

Casetify – Most customizable

Casetify iPhone 12 mini case

Casetify is another favourite brand of ours. Not only does it make strong, rugged cases with 9.8-feet drop protection and an antibacterial coating (which kills 99% of bacteria!), but it also looks great! 

Another plus: Casetify’s options are also compatible with MagSafe charging.

Casetify often collaborates with top pop culture bands and brands too, like South Korean boyband BTS and Pokemon too, so there’s no lack of personality if that’s what you’re after.

Its iPhone 12 mini range is available in a variety of colours and designs, with the option to customize as well. 

Casetify’s iPhone 12 mini cases start at £25/$39, with free international shipping.

Mujjo leather wallet – Stylish and Practical

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case

Mujjo cases are wonderfully elegant. This genuine leather wallet option has an integrated cardholder that fits up to three cards, so there’s no need to buy a wallet attachment separately.

Though make note, the added thickness of credit cards may be at the cost of MagSafe compatibility, although wireless charging is preserved.

The protective case also features a 1mm raised bezel around the screen to keep it safe from scratches.

Pick it up from Mujjo directly for under £50/US$50 or from Amazon where it can be cheaper.

Totallee Thin – Best bulk-free case

Totallee Thin iPhone 12 mini Case

Totallee’s Super Thin case is just that at a slight 0.02mm thickness (or thinness), which means your iPhone 12 mini will stay safe from scratches, scuffs and everyday wear without gaining any additional weight or bloat – just don’t expect heavy-duty drop protection. 

It’s a great solution for those who want to maintain the petite profile of the 12 mini. 

Pick it up directly from Totallee ($9.99 for international shipping), or from Amazon for £29.99/US$39.99. Purchases include a 2-year warranty for replacements too!

ESR Clear Case with Screen Protector

If you’re on a budget (because come on, you’ve already spent £699 on the iPhone 12 mini!), take a look at ESR’s clear case for everyday protection – it’ll only cost you a tenner in the UK.

ESR’s clear case is both scratch and smudge-resistant, and promises not to yellow over time. As an added bonus, the case comes with two screen protectors. Win.

Pick it up from Amazon for £9.99 (usually £10.99) or $19.99 in the US.

Spigen Tough Armor – Best rugged with stand

Spigen Tough Armor for iPhone 12 mini

Ok, so you don’t really care about hiding your iPhone 12 mini away in a rugged, protective case – you just want something practical. We get you.

The Spigen Tough Armour case offers just that, and comes from a brand we trust and recommend.

The Tough Armour is not only shock-absorbent, with military-grade protection, but also comes with an integrated kickstand that lets you prop up the phone for hands-free use.

A circular window in the back will still show off that iconic Apple logo though, if you wanted to preserve your bragging rights (and wireless charging compatibility)

Pick it up from Amazon for £14.99/US$14.99 or directly from Spigen.

If you want to see more cases for the iPhone 12 mini, see what our colleagues at Macworld UK have rounded up.


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