Thu. Dec 9th, 2021
Print Alexa shopping list: Cool mini printer goes into production

How convenient would it be if Alexa could print out your shopping list for you to take home and stick on your shopping cart? With a new sticky note printer, that’s possible, and it’s finally reached production as part of the comoany’s new ‘Build It’ program.

  • Amazon starts production of an Alexa sticky note printer
  • This one prints shopping lists and notes without ink via thermal printing
  • Prices currently at $90, this printer goes on sale starting in July 2021, in the U.S. only
As part of its “Build It Program”, Amazon launched a kind of crowdfunding platform just a few days ago. Among the products that gained attention rather quickly was the idea of a sticky note printer. It quickly reached the goal for production. The ” Smart Sticky Note Printer”, as Amazon calls it on its homepage, thus goes into production and will be compatible with Amazon Alexa.

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The small printer works entirely without ink! / © Amazon

The small cube can respond to voice commands via Alexa and print shopping lists, to-dos, and even Sudoku puzzles. In the future, crossword puzzles, messages or recipes would also be conceivable.

Printing without ink

What’s also exciting is that Amazon is opting not to use ink. The product will come with a roll of yellow note paper, which works with thermal printing. In this process, heat ensures that fonts and graphics are displayed on the paper. Alternatively, blue, pink, yellow and white cartridges are said to be available for refilling.

Of course, the little box works exclusively with Echo speakers and doesn’t have integrated microphones itself. You’ll also look in vain for ports on the 12x 12x 8 centimetre Smart Sticky Note Printer. If you’re already moistening your lips to express your first print orders, you might want to take another look at the price and release date: As the site Smarthome Assistant writes, the pre-order price is $90. So the final retail price will go up a bit from March 19.

The earliest you could try the small printer is from July 2021, provided that Amazon brings the printer outside of the U.S. In addition to the Sticky Note Printer, you can also find a smart cuckoo clock and a nutrition scale in the new Build It program, which you can view on the linked page at Amazon.

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