Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 6a & Pixel Watch Dates REVEALED, Galaxy S22 Price Tags & more! (video)

Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 6a & Pixel Watch Dates REVEALED, Galaxy S22 Price Tags & more! (video)

Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 6a & Pixel Watch Dates REVEALED, Galaxy S22 Price Tags & more! (video)

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The official news today begin with Apple and the iPhone 13 Series and for some negative reasons yet again. We have a new report from 9to5Mac, where multiple iPhone 13 users are calling out pink screen issues with their units. Apparently the first case happened back in October, where someone on an Apple forum reported their 13 Pro’s screen turned pink on its own and started crashing randomly. That user managed to get a replacement unit but now, a number of other users have reported the same issues in the past few weeks. Other people say that the problem seems to fix itself when the iPhone is restarted but, it ends up happening again after some time, kind of like the green tint issues we had with the 11 series. The problem is that there’s no real cause at the moment, as one user claims it happened to him while taking a picture and someone else claims that it happened while they were using Maps. Apparently Apple has ran diagnostics on these phones with the tests saying they were completely fine. On the bright side though, Apple announced that they are working on a fix, and they’re advising users to back up their data and update to the latest iOS update available. The latest update doesn’t bring the fix yet but it should be coming soon. Let us know if you guys are having this issue.

Let’s shift gears on to Samsung for a couple of segments, starting with one of their best selling phones, the Galaxy A50 Series. Lately, we’ve been getting some renders for the Galaxy A53 that looks nearly identical to the A52 with a very similar quad-camera array on the back and the punch hole display up front. Now, we have some new IRL images from 91Mobiles that confirm the renders we’ve seen before. We get to see the black color variant of the phone along as its insides that also confirm this is the A53. This phone is expected to be powered by the Exynos 1200 but it might have a Snapdragon variant as well. Both models supporting 5G. When it comes to the cameras, we can expect a 64MP primary sensor like we did last year, but with a new 32MP ultra wide. We don’t have any information on the rest of specifications for the rear camera but, it might bring the same 32MP selfie shooter that we got with the A52. We also hear that it’ll come in Black, Light Blue and Orange color variants. We don’t have any leaks on the price tag or any dates but, the A52 came in March so let’s see how this year goes.

Sticking to Samsung, let’s talk about the Galaxy S22 Series and we should be getting some dates pretty soon now that the first teaser is out. Now, one of the things we haven’t heard much from on the leaks is the price tag, all we’ve been hearing is that it’ll probably get a little more expensive or stay the same but now we get more details. We have a new tweet from Roland Quandt giving us a detailed list for all of the European price tags. On the tweet he says that whoever said the S22 Series would be cheaper, they didn’t think into account the pandemic, part shortages and well, inflation.. According to his list, the regular S22 will start at 849 Euros, and if you want extra storage it’ll cost you 899. Thing start to get interesting with the Plus model, which will start at 1049, with the 256 Gigs variant going for 1099. When it comes to the Ultra, it’ll start at 1249 for 8 Gigs of RAM and 128 Gigs of Storage. If you want more RAM and 256 Gigs of storage it’ll cost 1349, and the half a terabyte variant will cost 1449. Now, keep in mind that these prices won’t exactly translate to the States but if it is true, we can expect some price hikes for all models. And yes, if you want to reserve your S22, use the first link in the description.

And Finally for the hottest news today, let’s talk about Google and when we can expect their latest Pixel products. And yes, I’m talking about the Pixel 6a and the Pixel Watch, since there’s still no information on the foldable yet. Starting with the Watch, we got a new tweet from Jon Prosser over the weekend, claiming that Google will announce the Pixel Watch on Thursday, May 26. Prosser mentions that this is the first they’ve seen a set date on this device behind the scenes but, Google is known for pushing dates so let’s see how it evolves. We have a separate leak from Max Jambor, who claims that the Pixel 6a will also debut in May 2022.. If both of these leaks are true we might be getting these devices at Google I/O, but of course, we don’t have a date for that yet. Since we haven’t talked about these in a while, we’re expecting the Watch to bring a bezel-less round design with colorful band options and running the new Wear OS of course. It’ll reportedly bring exclusive watch faces and features, and it’ll apparently be powered by the Exynos w920 which also powers the Galaxy Watch 4. When it comes to the Pixel 6a, we can expect the Tensor chip to be powering the show and it will bring a similar design to the Pixel 6 but Google will obviously cut some corners like in the camera department to keep the price down.

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