Pixel Buds Pro: Google’s AirPod Pro rival may feature ANC, 3D audio

Pixel Buds Pro: Google’s AirPod Pro rival may feature ANC, 3D audio

Pixel Buds Pro: Google’s AirPod Pro rival may feature ANC, 3D audio

Google could be working on a Pro version of its Pixel Buds true wireless earbuds based on the latest leak. The alleged Pixel Buds Pro would likely be introduced this year with ANC and spatial audio features that are missing in the Pixel Buds and Buds A series.

  • Google is rumored to launch the Pixel Buds Pro ‘soon’.
  • The Pixel Buds Pro could come with active noise cancellation and 3D audio.
  • Pricing and availability of the Pixel Buds Pro is not yet available.

An established leaker has shared new details about the existence of premium in-ear headphones made by Google. According to Jon Prosser, the Pixel Buds Pro are coming soon, but as to the exact date is not yet confirmed. But who knows, Google I/O is right around the corner. According to Prosser, there will be four color options for the earbuds: real red, carbon, limoncello, and fog.

Pixel Buds Pro to feature active noise cancelling, spatial audio with head tracking

The ‘Pro’ moniker means that the Pixel Buds Pro will arrive with flagship specs not found from the current budget headphones. Active noise cancellation could be employed on top of the adaptive sound present found on Google’s more affordable non-ANC earbuds. In other words, users may expect a richer sound output comparable to the Apple Air Pods Pro or the recently launched Sennheiser Momentum 3 TWS.

Sony Linkbuds non-ANC headphones
Sony Linkbuds in-ear headphones lack ANC but sport a unique ring design utilized for blocking or allowing ambience sound. / © NextPit

Most in-ear ANC headphones use up to three mics on each earbud such as the recently announced 1More Evo, thus providing better voice quality and more effective blocking of outside noises. Presumably, the Pixel Buds Pro could also use up to six microphones in total. However, we will only find out the exact number once it becomes official.

Google may also include spatial or 3D audio in the Pro earbuds model given the said feature is anticipated to come in Android 13 OS. A previous listing from a developer site confirms that confirms that spatial audio with head tracking technology will be added on Google’s next version of the operating system.

Pricing and availability of the Pixel Buds Pro are not yet mentioned. But how much would you be willing to pay for the premium Pixel earbuds? In reference, the Pixel Buds A-series without ANC retail for $100 and the premium Apple AirPods Pro with ANC at $250.

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