Thu. Dec 9th, 2021
Our Realme GT Master video review is up

Fun fact: the Realme GT Master is the lowest-end member of the GT family despite the “Master” in the name. Oh, and Realme would really like you to add the suffix “Edition” to it as well, even though this is in no way a limited edition device. Confused? Good, because we are too.

Naming absurdities aside, the GT Master is a very interesting mid-range device for what it brings to the table and considering its pretty affordable price. We’ve already gone in-depth with it in our comprehensive written review, and now it’s time for a more concise take on what we think about this device.

Our Realme GT Master video review is upThat’s where our video review comes in, and it’s now ready for your consumption below. Tune in to find out, in just over eight minutes, our main thoughts about the GT Master’s design and build quality, display and embedded fingerprint sensor, the audio stuff including sadly a single speaker, the storage options on offer, the software, performance, endurance and charging, and of course, what you can expect in terms of camera image quality.

The 120 Hz AMOLED screen and the Snapdragon 778G chipset, as well as the 65W wired charging are all standout features at this price point. All that said, whether this may be the phone for you is something only you can say. We hope we’ve provided enough information so you can easily make up your own mind.

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