Wed. Oct 20th, 2021
Our 5 free and paid Android/iOS applications of the week

As the case is every week, I’m going to talk about 5 free/paid mobile applications and games that are worth downloading this week. Apart from my own selections, I have added a few suggestions from the members of the NextPit community.

Remindoze, to settle your accounts

Remindoze is a very basic utility application to create and send reminders to people who owe you money.

If you share a Netflix, Spotify or roommate account and the Internet bill has just come in, you can set up reminders to be sent automatically by email to the contacts of your choice, indicating how much they owe you.

The application is free and without ads or in-app purchases, but it requires the creation of an account via Facebook or Gmail.

5 apps week 6 remindoze
With Remindoze, no more excuses for not paying your debts / © NextPit

You can download the Remindoze application from the Google Play Store.

Niagara Launcher, to clean up your Android interface

This project is not new and started in 2016 before spending two years in beta to finally release a stable version this year on the Google Play Store.

Niagara Launcher is one of the alternative Android launchers that the tech press is talking about the most at the moment. The basic idea is to respond to smartphone screens that are getting bigger and bigger. Niagara Launcher wants to make it easier to use with one hand.

That’s why all apps are vertically cascaded, sorted alphabetically by default. One-handed swiping is all that is needed to navigate the system. You can also hide all unnecessary apps and focus on the essentials.

The design is logically minimalist and uncluttered, but there are customization options to change the font, wallpaper, icon packs etc…

The application is clearly not for everyone, but it’s free, without any advertising (even in the free version) or in-app purchase except the pro version at 3 euros/month to unlock additional features.

5 apps week 6 niagara launcher
Niagara Launcher is not for everyone, but its design is refreshing / © NextPit

You can download the Niagara Launcher application from the Google Play Store.

TakeCare, a little softness in this world of bullies

TakeCare is a wellness application that allows you to send and receive messages of encouragement, or at least positive words, from strangers in via digital bottles.

You can either choose to write and then send your own message to random strangers or receive one yourself randomly. The app is in beta and does not seem to have reached a critical mass of users. I had fun spamming the “receive” button and I could see that the random message loop was not very large yet, since after about twenty tries I started receiving the same messages in duplicate.

Please note that not everyone has the pen of a poet and that some messages are sometimes quite annoying and awkward. The application also contains a few banners. But I found the concept nice and the app made me want to wait for other people to come and enrich the corpus of positive messages.

5 apps week 6 takecare
TakeCare allows you to send and receive positive words from strangers / © NextPit

You can download the TakeCare app from the Google Play Store.

Retimer, to end unnecessary meetings

Retimer is an application that should definitely be used at NextPit, so much time is sometimes wasted in endless meetings that could easily have been an exchange of a few emails.

Retimer allows you to time your meetings and to calculate afterwards, or even anticipate, the costs of all these meetings according to the time and therefore the money you lost. You can use it alone or create a group if you are a manager or a company/department manager, in short, if you manage a team.

By informing your hourly rate (in dollars only, unfortunately) and that of your colleagues, the application will tell you how much these 5 conf’ calls per day to discuss about the rain or shine will have cost you.

The app is free and can be used without an account, I haven’t seen any ads or in-app purchases. On the other hand, it is only available in English or Spanish and does not support the Euro but only the US Dollar.

5 apps week 6 retimer
Retimer tells you how much all these useless meetings cost you / © NextPit

You can download Reitmer from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

LED Cutout Notification

This application is very simple and consists of displaying a notification light around the notch or punch on your smartphone screen.

The application is not free (€1.09), requires a lot of permissions to display the light and does not offer the most ergonomic settings.

But once you get the hang of it and manage the fickle sliders, it’s pretty cool to have a notification ring that comes alive and displays different colours depending on the type of application and the priority status of the notifications.

The application is obviously free of ads and in-app purchases since it is paid for. And I appreciate the ability to display the indicator even on the Always-on Display from the lock screen.

5 apps week 6 notification led cutout
Despite all its flaws, this app is worth its price of one euro in my opinion / © NextPit

You can download the Notification LED Cutout application from the Google Play Store.

What do you think of this selection? Have you already had the chance to test some of the applications on this list? What would be your apps of the week? Share your opinions in the comments!

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