Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Nokia X20 gets first Android 12 beta build

Nokia has announced the Android 12 developer preview program for the X20, allowing users to get a taste of the upcoming version of Android with the first beta build.

Interested users can participate in the developer preview program through the My Phone app installed on their X20. Once registered, you’ll receive the OTA within 12 hours on your device, and if you want it sooner, you can try checking it manually by navigating to the phone’s Settings > About Phone > System Updates menu 20 minutes after participating in the developer preview program.

Nokia X20 gets first Android 12 beta buildBut before you proceed, it’s worth noting that this Android 12 beta build won’t be as stable as the official build, which may hamper the user experience, so it’s best avoided on your primary device. If you still want to try Android 12 on your X20, you can head to the source link below for more details about the registration and installation process.


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