Tue. Oct 19th, 2021
Motorola is bringing the Moto G60 and G60S to Europe

Motorola is bringing several Moto G models to parts of Europe. The Facebook accounts for Moto in Czechia, Serbia and Slovakia posted teasers that set the time and date for September 20 (Monday) at 10:00 am.

This probably doesn’t mean all new models, just ones that are new to said countries. Looking at Motorola Serbian site, we see the Moto G60 featured prominently on the home page. The G10, G30 and G100 were already available. The G60 page has a ‘buy now’ button, but that doesn’t do anything at the moment. The other three are already available.

Motorola Moto G60
Motorola Moto G60S

Motorola Moto G60 • Motorola Moto G60S

We move our attention to the Czech site where the G60 and its sibling, the Moto G60S, are marked as “new”. The G60 page on Motorola.com says “out of stock”, but the G60S page did let us add the phone to the basket. It is priced at CZK 7,000 (€275), by the way.

Over at Slovakia, the G60S page also has an active “add to basket” button with a €270 price tag next to it (for a 6/128 GB phone). The G60 still shows “out of stock”, however.

The G60 was announced in India this April, the G60S went live in August in Brazil. In case you’re wondering about the difference, the G60S is the more affordable model with a Helio G95 (instead of Snapdragon 732G) and 64 MP main camera (instead of 108 MP), though its smaller battery charges faster (5,000 mAh at 50W vs. 6,000 mAh at 20W).

Anyway, Czechs and Slovaks already have access to the Moto G10, G20, G30, G50 and G100 (as well as a couple of Moto G 5G models) and they will have a couple of more options soon.

Thanks to CrazyTechie for sending this in!

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