Man or Devil!

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There is a devil sitting inside every human being, we must have heard this thing at some time or the other.  After listening to this, a question must have arisen in your mind that if Satan is there then why do we not see it.  Satan is visible to all of us, but he appears as a human being.  A similar devil was seen in Kerala a few days ago.  And that devil did not spare even the beast animals.

An elephant came to the city in search of water and food. Somebody put the firecrackers in the fruit and gave it to the elephant to eat, as soon as the elephant started eating it, the firecrackers started moving inside his mouth. Saying painfully, the elephant started running towards the forest, found many people on the way, many came to the house but it did not harm anyone. She ran and ran into a river in a straight jungle.

She stood in the river for the next 3 days and there she gave up her life. After the post-mortem, it was found that her baby, who was lying in her womb, did not die alone, was also dead.

Satan, who was present as a human, had actually taken three lives, the first being the life of that elephant, the second of his child, and the third of humanity and the trust that the elephant had made on that person. For 3 days, the palm stood in the water and he did not allow any human to come around him, perhaps he could not understand who is a human being and who the devil was?

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