Wed. Oct 20th, 2021
LG rollable smartphone cancelled? LG says no

Will LG go ahead with its plans for the rollable smartphone that it showcased at CES 2021? That is the question on everyone’s minds after the past 24 hours saw several conflicting reports about the future of this much talked about device. 

  • Yonhap, a major South Korean news agency reported on Monday that LG has cancelled the rollable phone
  • LG came out against the report and maintains that the rollable phone is still under works
  • LG had also claimed similarly that they will not sell its smartphones division – only to admit it later
It was on Monday, February 22 that Yonhap, a major South Korean news agency reported that LG has contacted suppliers for the LG rollable phone to put all work on hold. According to the agency, the list of suppliers who were told to stop work included BOE – the Chinese firm that makes AMOLED panels for several smartphone brands. The report also went on to add that several of the suppliers were considering seeking compensation from LG for all the work that has already been done for the project.

Shortly after the news went mainstream, an LG spokesperson issued a statement to The Verge claiming that the rollable smartphone project is still underway. “I can firmly deny that any such decision on future mobile products has been finalized,” the LG spokesperson was quoted saying. It is notable, however, that the company has not denied any such claims via a press note or a release.

The rollable smartphone from LG was among the most talked-about gadgets from CES 2021. It was the company’s second product under the Explorer Project. This is a new mobile category that will have devices with fresh form factors. The LG Wing was the first smartphone to be developed under this project.

However, shortly after LG showcased the rollable phone at CES, there were talks about LG reportedly considering selling/shuttering its mobile division. LG was quick to respond to those claims and had back then claimed that there were no plans to exit the smartphone space – only to do a 360-degree turn a few days later and adding that they were indeed considering a sale and that a final decision is yet to be taken.

At this time, therefore, we do not really know if LG will indeed go ahead with the rollable smartphone. What do you think would happen? Di let us know in the comments below! 

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