Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Leather, Rugged, Transparent & More

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 is on sale now. Launched at Unpacked alongside the Galaxy Watch Series 4, Galaxy Buds 2 and another foldable in Galaxy Z Fold 3, it’s now available to buy.

Despite the name, the Flip 3 can be seen as a direct successor to 2020’s original Flip. That was the first Samsung device to fold in half vertically, although there are plenty of refinements and tweaks this time around. 

These include a larger 1.9in external display, which blends in to the front of the phone thanks to a two-tone design. There’s still a 6.7in screen on the inside, but it now supports refresh rates up to 120Hz. Both panels move to Gorilla Glass Victus, while the whole device is now IPX8 water resistant.

You also now get a Snapdragon 888 processor under the hood, bringing blazing-fast speeds and 5G support with it.

Then there’s the £949/US$999 starting price, which makes it the most affordable Samsung foldable to date. Learn more in our full guide to the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Samsung is heavily promoting the durability of the Flip 3 – it’s supposedly 10% tougher than the original Z Flip. However, it’s still likely to accumulate scratches and scuffs over time, especially with an exposed cover display. 

A case or cover is the best way to keep it protected and looking great for as long as possible. Despite the challenges posed by this new form factor, many of the leading companies have already released great cases for the Flip 3, while Samsung also has a solid official lineup.

That’s made the process of narrowing it down to a select few more difficult, but here are seven of the best available right now. 

Samsung Silicone with Ring – Best official case

Let’s start with the official lineup, which Samsung has revamped for the Flip 3. One of the new options is what the company is calling a ‘Silicone Cover with Ring’.

The name is fairly self-explanatory – a matte silicone material covers the full outside of the phone, protecting it from damage. A simple metallic ring has then been added at the back of the hinge. Its main purpose is to make the Flip 3 easier to hold, but it could technically also be added to a keyring or belt buckle.

It’s available in four colours, with the navy pictured joined by green, olive green and coral hues.

The Silicone Cover with Strap is even more eye-catching and available for the same price, but it’s currently out of stock in the UK.

Samsung Leather – Best leather case

Official Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Leather Cover

Before moving on to third-party options, it’s worth highlighting this great official leather cover.

Samsung’s official leather cases have been available for all its recent Galaxy flagships, and with good reason. As the company describes, this is ‘soft, genuine leather’ that screams premium.

Given the Flip 3’s quirky design, it only protects the outside of the phone, but that includes the potentially fragile external display. The leather also extends around the edges, helping to limit the damage if you drop the device while open.

The colour options are slightly more muted here, with a choice between green (pictured), black or a deep yellow ‘mustard’.

Spigen Tough Armor – Best rugged case

Spigen Tough Armor Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

What more is there to say about the Spigen Tough Armor? It’s a mainstay of many of our round-ups, and with good reason – Spigen sure knows how to make a great rugged case.

It’s also successfully adapted one of its most popular cases for the foldable form factor. The Tough Armor case retains the durable polycarbonate build, giving it what Spigen calls ‘extreme drop protection’. This extends to the edges of the device, helping to keep the screen intact too.

The case also adds plenty of extra grip to what could be a slippery phone, while ‘Air Cushion Technology’ keeps it safe from the bumps and scrapes associated with everyday usage. 

It’s only available in classic black, but complements the Flip 3’s design very nicely.

UAG Civilian – Great design

UAG Civilian Tough Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

UAG’s Civilian is another high-quality rugged case, but this one stands out for its design.

The unique angular design is emphasised by the Olive finish pictured. It’s also available in ‘Mallard’ (light blue) and regular Black, although the latter is currently out of stock in the US. 

It’s not all about the look and feel, though. The UAG Civilian benefits from military-grade drop protection, while patented ‘HyperCush’ technology absorbs the impact with another surface and cushions the phone. 

There’s dedicated protection for the hinge too, as well as large physical buttons that are easy to locate. The case also adds plenty of grip, without giving up wireless charging or wireless payment compatibility. 

Ringke Slim – Best transparent case

Ringke Slim Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 has a stunning two-tone design – so why cover it up with a case? Ringke’s Slim case offers the best of both worlds, adding vital extra protection without detracting from the aesthetics. 

Talking of protection, the durable polycarbonate prevents damage from drops and scratches without adding bulk to the device. The case is designed specifically for the Flip 3, providing a secure fit without blocking access to physical buttons and ports.

There’s even a lanyard hole, allowing you to connect a separate strap and use the device hands-free. It retains full wireless charging support, while clear cases are available with a standard or matt finish. There’s also a black finish, if you’d prefer a classic look.

Olixar Fortis – Best value for money

Olixar Fortis Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Olixar’s Fortis case is one of the best looking cases out there, with a jet black finish helping to maintain the Flip 3’s sleek design.

That doesn’t mean it compromises on protection, though. A soft inner TPU cushions the phone, while hard polycarbonate shell prevents damage from bumps, scratches and drops. 

It’s impressively thin and light too, adding almost no bulk to the Flip 3. Wireless charging and full port access is still here, while a textured finish makes the phone much more grippy.

At this affordable price point, it ticks all the boxes for most people.

LoveCases Blue Butterfly – Best patterned case

LoveCases Blue Butterfly Samsung Z Flip 3 Case

Most modern cases have a fairly traditional aesthetic, but LoveCases’ lineup is where you can really express yourself. 

On its official website, the company has seven stunning designs to choose from. The beautiful Blue Butterfly is pictured, but you can also opt for Colourful Leopard Print, White Stars & Moons and Abstract Rainbow. The latter two and Blue Butterfly are also available with a black background instead of the grey you can see here. 

These case aren’t all about looks, though. The hard outer shell is made of durable TPU, which helps resist the bumps and scrapes inevitable with everyday usage. It’s also extremely lightweight and retains full port access, while you can even connect a matching phone loop.

You’ve seen the cases, but what if you haven’t secured the phone yet? Here’s where to buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 in the UK and US.


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