Sun. Dec 5th, 2021
iPhone 13 Pro Max capable of faster 27W charging

The new iPhone 13 Pro Max is capable of faster charging than the rest of the range, with support for up to 27W.

This was discovered after ChargerLAB ran tests using a variety of chargers. It turns out that a 30W or higher charger will power the iPhone 13 Pro Max up faster than a lesser charger, despite Apple’s official figures stating that it supports up to 20W like the rest of the range.

As the tester subsequently informed MacRumors, the iPhone 13 Pro is only capable of charging speeds of up to 23W, keeping it roughly in line with Apple’s 20W figure.

Apple being Apple, it didn’t advertise this minor advantage at its ‘California streaming’ iPhone 13 launch event earlier in the month.

That might come as a slight surprise considering the iPhone 13 Pro Max doesn’t really have anything to differentiate it from the iPhone 13 Pro this year, other than its greater size. But perhaps that’s the point, after last year’s iPhone 12 Pro seemed to fall in between two stools on the feature front.

Despite this support for slightly faster charging speeds, the original tester did find that the iPhone 13 Pro Max was unable to sustain a full 27W for the entire charging cycle, thanks to thermal build-up.

Somewhat conveniently, Apple supplies a 30W USB-C charger for a not inconsiderable £49/$49, so it’s possible to go the official route with support for the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s hidden trick.

Apple’s iPhone 13 family has been winning praise for its improved cameras, superior battery life, and reduced bezels. The two Pro models also benefit hugely from a 120Hz display refresh rate, which we’ve been impatiently anticipating for several years now.

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