Wed. Oct 20th, 2021
Instagram is down in many parts of the world

Update 8 October 2021 2:50 PM EDT –  Instagram is again having issues just a few days after the service experienced a 7-hour outage. #instagramdownagain is trending on Twitter with a number of people reporting the issue. Even the DownDetector website shows a huge spike in the number of users reporting the issue. The first issue was reported around 2:40 PM EDT. Facebook is yet to official confirm the outage.

instagram down 8 october

Update 2: After a brief up time, Instagram is down again. And now, the outage seems widespread.

Update 1: Instagram is back up and running!

You’re not alone, Instagram is indeed down for many people. The DownDetector page, a website known for reporting issues with internet services, has seen an influx of reports claiming “Instagram is not working.” Other Facebook services, like WhatsApp and Facebook itself, are still up and running for most people.

instagram down

The first issue was reported around 10 or 11 pm PT and is still ongoing. The outage mostly seems to be in the India region. Our writers in India also seem to be facing the same issue, while the photo-sharing service is working in Europe and the United States.

A quick rundown of #instagramdown in India confirms that the outage is widespread.

If you are also experiencing issues while scrolling Instagram, there’s not much you can do except wait for Facebook to solve the issue. Going by the company’s past record, the outage should be rectified in a few hours from now. We’ll update this page as and when the services resume.

Are you currently experiencing issues with Instagram? What kind of error does the social media app show to you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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