Tue. Oct 19th, 2021
I want the new iPad Mini 6 to make small tablets popular again

OPINION: Apple has just announced the brand-new iPad Mini 6 and I think it’s one of the most exciting products from the company in a long time.

A new iPhone is always big news but I can’t help but feel more excited about one of my favourite Apple devices getting a much-needed second chance.

The rumours of a redesigned, possibly iPad Pro-inspired, iPad Mini refresh have been ticking along for what feels like two years now and Apple has finally such a device.

It has a modern design. the same panel from the excellent iPad Air and support for the newer accessories the pricier tablets all use.

iPad Mini 6 renders showing front and bacj
A render of the iPad Mini 6

The iPad Mini was the first tablet I ever bought and it still brings back very fond memories. The size was perfect, the build was excellent and it slipped easily into even the smallest bag. I have great memories of other small tablets of the time, like the Nexus 7 for similar reasons.

It’s fair to say the iPad Mini, and smaller tablets in general, have languished as phones have gotten bigger. The iPad Mini has never really bagged itself a proper redesign and the most recent upgrade, which happened in 2019, was barely more than a processor bump. I loved the iPad Mini 5 at the time, but even then it felt in need of modernisation and it’s hard to recommend it to anyone now.

iPad Mini 5

The new iPad Mini 6 should give fans of smaller tablets a truly new device to get excited and one that feels like a ‘pro’ device. I’d even like to think if it proves popular then we might see Android manufacturers like Samsung give the smaller tablet form-factor another chance. A tablet with similar specs to the excellent Galaxy Tab S7 Plus but with a screen that measures 9-inches could very well be the ultimate notebook.

I often hear the argument that with phones now much bigger, the smaller tablet is dead. This just makes no sense to me, as even with the 6.7-inch displays on the biggest iPhone the actual amount of screen can’t be compared to an iPad Mini. I couldn’t even begin to read books or magazines on an iPhone screen, but they fit perfectly onto the squarer iPad canvas. It’s a similar story for games – I just much prefer the iPad display to the iPhone’s for these.

But I just can’t help getting excited by a truly powerful, miniature iPad and I really do hope Apple delivers. It’ll be the icing on the cake if we then see some Android competition.

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