Mon. Oct 18th, 2021
Huawei patents ultra-curved screen with side-touch features

Huawei has launched the P50 series and now it is time for its true flagship series Mate 50. We don’t have anything official or unofficial about the upcoming devices, but a patent might reveal what the Chinese company is planning to introduce.

According to Lets Go Digital, the maker will introduce an Arc display with ultra-curved sides and multiple touch functionalities, including volume control.

Huawei Arc display concept
Huawei Arc display concept

Huawei Arc display concept

Huawei has been sitting on this idea for quite some time. The patent was filed back in March 2019, and we saw a simple implementation with the Mate 30 series – the phones did not have volume rockers. Instead, a double-tap on the side, anywhere on the side, activated virtual controls of the sound.

According to these visualizations, the extra screen will also be used for shoulder triggers, several icons, and even reading one-line messages, similar to the tiny cover display of the first-generation Galaxy Z Flip phones.

The concept images also provide a glance at the camera setup on the back, but we’re not looking too deep into them on that matter because they are just for illustrative purposes – we haven’t seen a single Mate 50 photo so far to corroborate this design.

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