Huawei may be working on its own smart tag device to compete with AirTag

Smart tracking devices have never been more popular, and companies such as Tile have been in business for many years, long before Apple released the very popular AirTag smart trackers. Samsung also joined in on the race with its Galaxy SmartTag, and now Huawei seems to want a small slice of the pie with its rumored Huawei S-Tag device.

LetsGoDigital found that Huawei filed for a patent just a few days ago, on October 28, 2021, with the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The documents reveal the name of the upcoming device, which is Huawei S-Tag, where the “S” may stand for “Smart”.


The patent also reveals that it’s a 9, 10, 14 class patient, which means that it refers to: “Smartwatches; smart glasses; smart rings; computer programs, downloadable computer software programs; wearable activity trackers; data processing apparatus; pedometer; smartphones; measuring apparatus; apparatus for use in medical analysis.”, as pointed out by PhoneArena.

It’s currently unclear when Huawei’s own S-Tag could come to the market, but we may see it sooner or later, perhaps even before this year’s holidays, although it’s doubtful. Huawei had a lot of trouble in the past with the EU and the US, and it hasn’t been able to use chipsets, software, or any other technology from US firms, which prevented it from using Google Services on its devices and more.

What is a smart tag tracking device?

Smart tag devices allow you to track goods, keys, children, vulnerable individuals, pets, and anything you can think of that could get lost or hurt. A smart tag lets you locate, for example, a keychain that is lost in your house. It can automatically detect, show you directions, make a loud noise, or even show you the nearest location on a map to help you locate belongings. There are a wide variety of benefits of using smart tag tracking devices.

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