HUAWEI HMS Core is helping in transport and navigation advancements

HUAWEI’s HDC 2020 is introducing several new developments and improvements. The latest one comes in the form of transport and navigation. HUAWEI says the transportation industry is undergoing a transformation as it’s globalizing. HUAWEI is working with developers in AppGallery to make the apps seamless for transportation suppliers and the end-user. The company is using its Location kit, Nearby kit, ML kit, Scan kit, and Awareness kit to facilitate the development of apps in the transportation sector.

The machine learning capabilities are helping create an interactive transportation experience with the help of language translation service in 19 different languages. Hence, helping international. As for developers, by partnering with HUAWEI, they have exclusive offers to further promote their apps, including different gifting opportunities, says the company. AppGallery also offers inclusion in recommendation cards.

Further, more and more global ride sharing and transportation sectors are listing with AppGallery. Recently, TomTom made its debut on the platform. Now, the company has announced that it will provide a 6-month free subscription for TomTom to AppGallery users in Germany, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Spain, UK, Belgium, Ireland, and Switzerland. Further, Bolt, a ride-sharing app in Europe and Africa saw an increase of 136 times in European and Africa downloads from week 1 to week 13.

The largest player in the Singapore taxi industry, ComfrotDelGro, which has over 41,600 vehicles across bus, rail, taxis, and cars is also on AppGallery. HUAWEI says that the Singapore company held multiple rounds of joint marketing with AppGallery and saw a 270% growth of new downloads. Plus, Emirates, one of the world’s best-known airlines, has held several rounds of joint marketing with HUAWEI across several markets globally, including China. It is also available on AppGallery and the app provides real-time flight status via HUAWEI Assistant’s on-device smart cards, Skywards membership card integration with HUAWEI wallet.

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