Huawei announces launch of Watch GT 3 Pro for April 28

Huawei announces launch of Watch GT 3 Pro for April 28

Huawei announces launch of Watch GT 3 Pro for April 28

Huawei has taken to social media platform Weibo to tease its upcoming watch, the Watch GT 3 Pro. The company’s latest smartwatch will be the direct successor to the Huawei Watch GT 3, which launched last October. The post also confirmed the watch would be launch on April 28, at an event in China.

In the same post, Huawei teased what seems to be the smartwatch’s flagship feature: diving capabilities. A short video showed somebody diving with the Watch GT 3 Pro to a depth of 30 metres. It’s one of the deepest depths supported on smartwatches, currently. To achieve this, Huawei must have packed some serious waterproofing tech inside the smartwatch, much more than the usual sealant.

Besides the new diving feature, Huawei has been rather tight-lipped about the Watch GT 3 Pro. Since it’s a pro version of the company’s flagship watch from last year, we should expect to see some overall improvements. The usual battery life boost, faster chip, and a new feature or two are fairly likely.

The Huawei Watch GT 3 scored four stars out of five in our review, so you can expect similar if not better performance from the new Pro device. Look out for stellar fitness tracking features, and a battery that’ll easily last you a day. The smartwatch starts as £210, so we’d expect a little bit of a higher price tag on the new Pro watch.

At the launch event this week, we’re also expecting the Mate Xs 2. This will be the second iteration of Huawei’s foldable smartphone, so it should be interesting to see how it improved.

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