“Hey Google” no more: Nest Hub Max to listen when you look at it

“Hey Google” no more: Nest Hub Max to listen when you look at it

“Hey Google” no more: Nest Hub Max to listen when you look at it

Starting today, Google will make it easier for users to control their smart home devices. Officially announced during I/O 2022 along with Android 13 and several new Pixel devices such as the Pixel 6a, the Look and Talk feature adds the ability to give commands to your smart display without the “Hey Google” command. The smart feature will arrive first on Google’s Nest Hub Max.

  • Google officially launches the Look and Talk feature to Nest Hub Max
  • The feature enables you to wake Home assistant by staring at the display
  • Also interesting: Wear OS devices will get the Google Home app

In late 2020, the same “stare and talk” feature was first discovered in an API under the codename “Blue Steel” (Zoolander, anyone?). It lets users wake and talk to Google Home assistant by staring at the display from up to five feet away. Google says that the new function can be integrated with the existing Face Match and Voice Match to help reduce false activations of the assistant.

Google is also providing support for instant voice commands to Nest Hub Max display owners. For example, you can say “Add lemon to my grocery shopping list” or “Turn off the lights in the living room” without saying “Hey Google”.

To enable Look and Talk on your Google Nest Hub Max, users need to activate the feature under the Recognition and Sharing section in the Home app. The company is releasing the feature to Nest Hub Max devices first. No words yet if which other Nest Hub models will get the function.

Google Home app is coming to Pixel Watch, Wear OS devices

Google’s Pixel Watch and other Wear OS devices will finally get the Google Home app support. The Wear OS version of the app will look a lot like the mobile version of the Home app where users can control smart home devices through their smartwatches. Google says the app will be released later this year but as to when exactly is not yet confirmed.

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