Thu. Oct 28th, 2021
Here is the plastic wrap-free iPhone 13 series box

One of the more under the radar announcements with the new iPhone 13 series is the phones’ redesigned packaging. Last year brought the slimmest iPhone boxes to date with the omission of the charging adapter and EarPods. This year Apple will make yet another change by removing the plastic wrap around the box of the 13 series. We now have our first look at how Apple’s redesigned box looks like thanks to a post from Weibo.

iPhone 13 box (source: Weibo)

iPhone 13 box (source: Weibo)

The removed plastic wrap will be replaced with a tear-off paper tab which is glued to the box lid. This allows the packaging to stay in place without sliding and potentially damaging the box contents. In addition, it serves as a seal showing if the box has been opened before.

Here is the plastic wrap-free iPhone 13 series boxDuring this week’s keynote, Apple clarified that eliminating the plastic wrap on iPhone 13 boxes would “save 600 metric tons of plastic” which is certainly a welcome change. Apple plans to remove all plastic from its product packing by 2025.

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