Google Pixel Watch preview: Everything we know so far

Google Pixel Watch preview: Everything we know so far

Google Pixel Watch preview: Everything we know so far

UPDATED: Shots of the Pixel Watch in the wild show off a minimalistic, circular design

Pixel Watch reddit leak, courtesy of user tagtech414

The Pixel phones mark Google’s attempt to set a standard for Android phones, and they’re getting better and better. Now, can Google do the same for Wear OS smartwatches?

That’s reportedly the plan, as rumours and reports are circling around a so-called Google Pixel Watch, codenamed Rohan. Google has helped push some Wear OS (ex-Android Wear) watches over the last few years, but none were actually made in-house. The Pixel Watch could change that, and following last year’s Samsung Wear OS partnership announcement, our hopes are more than a little high.

Will it be the kick in the pants needed to jumpstart the stagnant Android watch market? Here’s hoping! Read on for a look at everything we’ve heard about it so far.

Google Pixel Watch release date

Leaker Jon Prosser believes the Pixel Watch will be teased at Google I/O on 28 July, alongside the Pixel 6a.

Note the word “teased” and not “launched”. It’s impossible to say what our first official glance at the Pixel Watch will look like, but in typical Tech Teaser fashion, we could see nothing more than a secretive 20-second video showing tantalising close-ups of a circular screen, and very little else.

On the other hand, serial leaker Evan Blass has stated that it “won’t be long now”, providing evidence of internal Pixel Rohan training material at Google. If we were hedging our bets, we’d say that it’ll make a brief appearance at Google I/O, before being unveiled alongside the Pixel 7 series sometime in Autumn.

Google Pixel Watch price

We haven’t heard any solid rumours about the Pixel Watch’s price just yet, but we can look to the past – and the competition – for some decent hints on what to expect.

The Apple Watch Series 7 starts at £369. If we had to guess, we suspect the Pixel Watch will be somewhere around £300-350: pricey enough to be considered flagship, but perhaps a notch below the top competition. Coming in cheaper than the Apple Watch could also make it more appealing to iPhone users.

That said, an older report from WinFuture claimed that there may be three variants of the Pixel Watch, so we’ll have to see if there’s actually a range of prices.

Google Pixel Watch design and screen

Pixel Watch Reddit leak, courtesy of user tagtech414

The Pixel Watch has pretty much been revealed in it’s full circular glory after someone —presumably a Google employee — left it behind at a restaurant in the US.

An anonymous source (since outing themselves as Reddit user tagtech414) sent snaps and details of the mystery timepiece to Android Central, stating that it appears to be “a testing model for the Internal Pixel team.” It appears to be the real deal, showing off a gloriously minimalistic circular design with a near bezel-less display and physical crown, along with at least one visible button.

Though the alleged Pixel Watch was found sans charger, its rear hints at a Fitbit-like dock charging solution, though wireless charging is definitely a possibility too. The rubber straps discovered with it look like they’ll be soft and comfortable enough, though their design suggests that they’re proprietary. For the sake of ease and customisation, we’re hoping that won’t be the case.

These Android Central leaks appear to match with an even more recent leak courtesy of the same Reddit user, who has shared pictures of the alleged Pixel Watch strapped to their wrist. While they state that the strap is “kind of a pain to attach the first time,” it’s still described as being extremely comfortable, without showing off oil or fingerprints after being worn either.

Google Pixel Watch specs and OS

What will the Google Pixel Watch look like?

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 2100 chip used to be the smartwatch CPU of choice before being replaced by the Snapdragon 3100 and subsequent 4100. The Pixel Watch could ditch Qualcomm for Samsung’s own Exynos processor though, if the most recent rumours are to be believed.

Given Google’s partnership with Samsung this is more than a little believable, and we expect to see the same Exynos W920 processor found in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Oh, and it goes without saying that it’ll run Wear OS 3, a smartwatch platform designed in conjunction with Samsung, powered by the health and fitness smarts of Google-owned Fitbit.

That’s all the info we have on the Google Pixel Watch at the moment, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the latest developments ahead of its launch. Stay tuned.

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