Google Pixel 6a vs. 5a: Which should you buy?

The Google Pixel 6a might have been rumored for months, but it was still a pleasant surprise to see Google announce it on stage at Google I/O 2022 in mid-May. While the price remained the same great $450 we’ve come to expect from Google’s A-series of Pixels, the phone itself received a significant visual revamp and a huge bump in performance thanks to the Google Tensor processor.

That’s right, the Google Pixel 6a uses the exact same processor as the more expensive Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. To quickly recap, that’s Google’s first-ever in-house designed processor that specializes in AI performance and general Googly goodness. But there are a lot more changes here than just the innards, as you can quickly gather from the two images you see above.

Google Pixel 6a vs. 5a: Design and display

Google Pixel 6a

(Image credit: Google)

When the Pixel 5a launched, we immediately wondered, “Why does this phone exist?” After all, it looked almost the same as the Pixel 4a 5G in person and on paper, with the only notable differences coming in the form of a larger battery and a water-resistant body.

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