Tue. Oct 19th, 2021
Google Pixel 6 price listing leaks

After the announcement of Google Pixel Fall Launch earlier this week, the pricing of the device made its appearance on a leaked image. The Pixel 6 shows up bundled with premium headphones in a very appealing pre-order deal in a flyer for the German market.


  • The Pixel 6 was listed in a pre-order ad from a Saturn store, in Germany.
  • The pre-order bundle price is 649€, around $750.
  • The device is paired with the Bose 700.

With the Google Pixel Fall Launch event coming up at October 19th, it is only natural that more and more information would leak about the device. This time, a German advert featured several information about the upcoming Pixel 6. If the sources are legitimate, the pre-order price seems to be at 649€, an equivalent of roughly $750, for the 8GB/128GB model which makes it cheaper than the $799 iPhone 13. 

Google Pixel 6 leak
Interesting bundle, don’t you think? / © Sonicity via mydealz.de

More about the Pixel 6 specs too…

This is not the first time details leak about the device, earlier this Summer information started making their rounds about the wireless charging capabilities of the new Pixel. This is particularly interesting, especially with the battery specs being revealed here. The advertisement lists a decent 4,620 mAh battery that will power the new Tensor processor.

But there’s more: Camera details are also listed! The dual camera comes at a 50+12 MP configuration while the selfie is 8 MP. The camera housing design was confirmed earlier by Google itself through some very impressive renders. It features a minimal industrial design with the camera module running through the device from edge to edge. The device is also listed to feature an under-screen fingerprint sensor.

The final detail to catch our eye is the bundle itself. The pre-order is supposed to run from 19th of October all the way to the 27th, placing the store availability date for October 28th. The bundled device, the Bose 700, seems to be a great deal, with their stand-alone price being 279.99€ (available for $379 in the US) which makes us wonder about the deals in different regions.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 for $379

Will you be considering a pre-order for the new Pixel 6? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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