Google Home app gets a redesign with the latest update

Google Home app gets a redesign with the latest update

Google Home app gets a redesign with the latest update

The Google Home app for Android and iOS has received a redesign with the new update. The new event feed tab now shows all the important events from your smart home setup. It also shows tips to improve your smart home.

All the events that take place in your smart home or need your attention are listed in the Events tab on the bottom right of the app. You can either dismiss events using the three-dot overflow menu or tap an event to check it out in detail. Each update has an accompanying icon, a one-line description, and a button to see device details.

Google started rolling out the new design a few days ago, and everyone should’ve received it by now if they are running the latest version of the app. Users are greeted with an explanation of the new tab when they use it for the first time.

The internet services giant has released several updates to the Google Home app over the past few years. The Home tab recently received a redesign that makes it easier to control compatible smart home products with fewer clicks.

Google Home competes with Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem but they both will support the upcoming royalty-free smart home platform called Matter. Matter is backed by over 180 brands, including Apple, Amazon, and ZigBee will also support the new standard.

Google Home App Events Tab

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