Galaxy Watch 5 series may boast faster wireless charging speeds

Galaxy Watch 5 series may boast faster wireless charging speeds

Galaxy Watch 5 series may boast faster wireless charging speeds

Last updated: June 13th, 2022 at 15:57 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 series could get a few significant hardware upgrades over the previous generations. You may have already heard about the bigger batteries inside the Galaxy Watch 5, but now there’s evidence to suggest that the smartwatch trio could also get faster wireless charging.

The Galaxy Watch 5 duo and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (tentative name) model numbers and connectivity features got confirmed and reconfirmed by the FCC recently. That’s expected, considering that the Watch 5 lineup could debut in less than two months.

More to the point at hand, the FCC also tested a new wireless charger along with these smartwatches. This device has the same model number as the charger spotted at the RRA last month: ER-OR900. More importantly, the FCC reveals that it boasts 10W charging (5V 2A).

Will the Galaxy Watch 5 series charge faster?

Smartphone chargers are more general-purpose and offer compatibility with a variety of device models. Because of this simple fact, they aren’t a reliable source of information for determining a Galaxy smartphone or tablet’s charging speeds. But smartwatch chargers are different.

No Galaxy smartwatch model today can exceed 5W charging, so existing chargers also top out at 5W. In other words, there’s no reason for a more powerful charger to exist if there is no Galaxy smartwatch to take advantage of the extra power.

But sure enough, Samsung is now testing a 10W wireless charger for smartwatches, as per the FCC documents. Therefore, it’s only logical to assume that the Galaxy Watch 5 should also feature faster-charging capabilities to match the new charger.

At the very least, Samsung is considering doubling the wireless charging speeds of its future Galaxy smartwatches, and it is now laying down the foundation for future generations. If not the Galaxy Watch 5, then perhaps models released in 2023 and beyond will have faster wireless charging.

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