Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Free Android & iOS apps for the week

Which apps can you currently download for iOS and Android for free, albeit for a limited time only? We have painstakingly combed through a whole bunch and narrowed them down to a list of the finest available apps based on the current App Store and Google Play Store promotions. Do you know of any other tips that you would care to share?
Just like how you do not look a gift horse in the mouth, neither can you look a free app in the mouth. It is for this very reason that we pick out iOS and Android apps that are currently available for free each week. This has long been an ongoing affair, being part of the free promotion offered in both app stores. There is only one catch: these apps normally cost something and the free promotional period will eventually come to an end.

As always, I don’t look through every app for iOS and Android randomly, but compile the best results from the “AppsFree” app, combined through entries in the MyDealz community, and check out tips from the NextPit community. Do you want to help me find free apps as well? Then just make use of the following forum thread:

One more tip before we begin: If you have no use for that particular app at the moment, but think that it might come in handy in the future, just download and install it for now, before uninstalling it. This way, any subsequent installation would not require you to fork out money in the future even if it returns to the original price as your app account has already registered you as having “purchased” it today. 

Free Android apps and games

These Android apps are currently available for free

  • Basic Weather App (€4.19): The pro version of a weather app can spruce up your home screen with a worthy widget
  • Digital Dashboard GPS Pro (€0.89): A digital speedometer that works in conjunction with your smartphone’s integrated GPS module. Perfect for cycling or simply to be a backseat driver the next time you head out with someone else behind the wheel!
  • Emazao Crop and Livestock (€1.99): Spring is here, so what better time than now to chow down on your homegrown food? The “Emazao” app will assist you with your inventory, while it continues to collate important information for hobbyists and professional farmers alike

These mobile games for Android are free right now

  • Retro Pixel Classic (€1.69): A stylish platformer where you fight your way through various 2D levels. Only the difficulty level leaves something to be desired, based on comments in the Play Store
  • Classic Sudoku PRO (€2.09): An ad-free Sudoku – what more can I say?
  • Zombie Age 3 Premium: Rules of Survival (€0.99): A 2D zombie game where you attempt to survive against all odds with the undead swarming around you. This is a solid game based on the reviews!

Free Apps and Mobile Games for the iPhone and iPad

These iOS apps are currently available for free

  • Battery+ (€2.29): This is a battery app for iOS devices, allowing you to check out the battery health of your iPhone or Apple Watch just in case the stock battery level indicator doesn’t cut it
  • Hollycool – Pro Video Editing (€2.29): If you don’t like iMovie that is free to use, why not try out this video editor instead? After all, what is the worst thing that can happen?
  • Looking 4 Cache  (€4.49): Geocaching happens to be the ideal activity during summer in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. Walking through nature without a mask, drinking in all the natural beauty while you hunt for treasures with your smartphone!
  • DrumToolz (€1.09): Drummers in the NextPit community can memorize beats with this app simply by writing them down and listening to them afterwards

These mobile games for iOS are currently free

  • Racing OSM Style 3 (€49.99): A car game that’s all about muscle cars. Unfortunately, the App Store ratings aren’t too hot to begin with, but since it is expensive in the first place and is currently free, where is the harm in giving it a go?
  • Full Moon Night (€0.49): A strategy card game with a very cool moon theme to keep you mesmerized!
  • Peppa Pig: Polly Parrot (€3.49): Peppa Pig is back again, letting you enjoy a children’s game for free
  • Drop Attack – AppStore (€0.79): A puzzle game that pays homage to Tetris as you arrange different falling stones from above

While Google does inform you on just how much longer will the app remain for free, this is not the case with iOS. Apologies in advance should one of the apps mentioned here move from free to paid territory. Feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll remove the app from the article!

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