Don’t tune out life, tune in to music with a Sony Neckband speaker 35% off

Using a neckband speaker is a lot like using a Hi-Fi boombox that’s always in the perfect place. Sony’s wireless neckband Bluetooth speaker may sound like workout equipment but it’s really one of the best work-from-home accessories you can get. This speaker sits comfortably on your shoulders bathing your ears in clear audio without isolating you from the world. This speaker is a massive 35% off, that’s just $98 on Amazon for Black Friday.

Also available in white with the same discount, the Sony SRS-NB10 works like any other Bluetooth headphones so you can listen to music, videos, or even make calls without putting your phone up to your ear. Like the best Black Friday headphone deals this speaker is designed for personal audio. Plus, you still get great stereo separation with a wide soundstage.

The difference is that you don’t block out the rest of the world so you can clearly hear alerts, the kids in the next room, or even cars pulling into the driveway without turning off your music.

If you’re looking for a TV solution, the SRS-WS1 applies the same concepts with an RF audio signal that reduces the lag time between what’s on screen and what you hear. This makes this neckband speaker a good gaming accessory as well. Enhance your audio without giving up the ability to talk to the person next to you. It also makes a great gift for a family member that likes a lot of TV volume.

Sony’s wireless neckband speakers are up to 35% off at Amazon

Earbuds have come a long way in comfort in the past few years but for many people, having buds in for long periods of time can become very uncomfortable. This fatigue can be even more problematic if you work from home or need music to help with your concentration. An old-school Hi-Fi stereo system is one solution but you give up a lot of convenience and portability. A neckband speaker allows you to have a personal listening device without leaving uncomfortable earbuds in your head.

Also, since you don’t have something crammed in your ear canal, you can hear what’s going on in your home whether you’re making sure the kids aren’t fighting or waiting for someone to arrive at the door. Not to mention the potential health risks of earbuds.

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