Bill Gates Says He Likes Android Over iPhone Due to Pre-Installed Software

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Clubhouse’s popularity continues to surge. We saw Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerburg and Elon Musk speak about Bitcoin and various other topics. Now, Bill Gates, in a recent interview on the invite-only social audio media-based platform, has publicly said that he prefers Android over iOS due to some pre-installed software.

In his interview with CNBC and New York Times journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin, Bill Gates spoke about the happenings with Bitcoin, and how the pandemic has changed the world. He, also, briefly touched on the topic of Android versus iOS wherein he was asked what platform he prefers, and why. To this, he said:

“I actually use an Android phone. I’ll often play around with iPhones, but the one I carry around happens to be Android.

Some of the Android manufacturers pre-install Microsoft software in a way that makes it easy for me. They’re more flexible about how the software connects up with the operating system. So that’s what I ended up getting used to. You know, a lot of my friends have ‌iPhone‌, so there’s no purity.”

Paul Davison, Clubhouse’s co-founder was also in the room, and he said that the company is working on an Android version of the app, and is the company’s top priority. Gates was also asked about his thoughts on Bitcoin, and the happenings with it. Gates said that he was worried about the environmental impact of the virtual currency, and said that he hasn’t chosen to invest in any cryptocurrency.

Even though the interview was on Clubhouse, a recording of the full interview has been uploaded on YouTube. You can check out the full conversation here.

What are your thoughts on Bill Gates’ words? Which ecosystem do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below!

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