Best Rugged Cases for iPad Air 5 in 2022

Best Rugged Cases for iPad Air 5 in 2022

Best Rugged Cases for iPad Air 5 in 2022

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro for iPad Air 5 Featured Image
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The iPad Air 5 is a stellar tablet, packing in some of the best hardware has on offer. For $599., it ships with the M1 Processor found on the iPad Pro lineup and even shares a close resemblance to its design. But the resemblant design also means the iPad Air is one of the thinner devices available on the market, and you’re bound to have thought of protecting it with a case. But when you go shopping for one, you’ll come across a plethora of options, some that add keyboards, some that maintain the sleek look of the iPad while offering some amount of protection, and others that will ensure the tablet can handle quite a bit of rough usage. In this article, we will be focussing on the last category by listing out some of the best Rugged Cases available for iPad Air 5.

PBI iPad Air 5th Gen

iPad Air (5th Generation)

iPad Air 5th Gen brings the highly rated M1 processor, 5G connectivity (for cellular models), Center Stage capability, and all-new colors. It starts at $599 for the 64GB WiFi-only model, with an upgrade to 256GB of internal storage available.

Best iPad Air 5 Rugged Cases

Product Image for SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

Best Rugged Protection

Unicorn Beetle Pro for iPad Air (5th generation) brings class-leading drop protection without imposing a compromise on the tablet’s capabilities. It has precise cutouts that don’t impede the Touch ID sensor or Apple Pencil’s magnetic attachment mechanism. The UB Pro even brings the ability to make the accessory feel more like it is yours by letting you pick between seven different color options for iPad Air.

Product Image of ESR Hybrid Rugged Case for iPad Air 5

ESR Hybrid Case

2 Piece Case

The ESR Hybrid Case for iPad Air 5 combines a magnetic folio with a casing that uses TPU and polycarbonate to make a package that adds protection and versatility. While it doesn’t come with any claims, we expect the accessory to bring more than adequate drop protection, and in case you use an Apple Pencil, you’ll be glad to see there’s a flap that will keep the stylus in place when you travel with your iPad in a backpack.

Product Image of Zugu Case for iPad Air 5


Rugged & Multi-angle

The ZUGU Case for iPad Air 5 presents the capability to set the tablet in eight different positions to ensure it’s perfect for the usage scenario. Glare can be hard to deal with when working in bright environments, and having only a couple of fixed angles can be a turn-off. Thus, the freedom afforded by such a case can be immense for many. Alongside this feature, the case improves upon the resilience of your tablet with its five-foot drop protection.

Product Image of Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro for iPad Air 5

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro

Rugged Folio

The Ultra Hybrid Pro brings the reliability of Spigen and its full-bodied accessories to the iPad Air. This particular model integrates the OEM’s popular Air Cushion Technology to create a product that will absorb shocks from falls and dissipate them to keep your iPad safe. The folio part also comes in handy if you ever want to prop up the device for convenient viewing. The case is also available in several colors to match or introduce contrast with the color of your iPad.

Product Image of Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Case for iPad Air 5

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro

Carbon-fibre Detailing

The Spigen Rugged Armor Pro is the case to get if you want to have a muted look on your iPad Air. Like the Ultra Hybrid Pro, it incorporates the OEM’s Air Cushion Technology to reduce fall impact at the corners. The flexible folio on the front also serves as the perfect stand for when you wish to prop the tablet and view content, be it a video or a book that you’re reading.

Product Image of OtterBox Defender Pro Series Rugged Case for iPad Air 5

OtterBox Defender Pro Series

With Port Covers

The OtterBox Defender Pro Series for iPad Air 5 brings a part to this list of rugged cases that many OEMs don’t offer, and those are its port covers. These elements make this case perfect if you intend to use your iPad on construction sites. There is also an antimicrobial coating present on the outer surfaces, which preserves the materials used in the making of this cover.

Product Image of UAG Lucent for iPad Air 5

UAG Lucent Case

Bumper Corners

The UAG Lucent Case features a modern-looking design that combines a translucent cover with a pattern and a black folio component. It even features several raised edges around exposed components — like the camera — to add protection against scratches or uneven surfaces. The OEM describes the case as a super-light accessory that even meets military drop-test standards.

Product Image of UAG Metropolis Rugged Case for iPad Air 5

UAG Metropolis Case

Bolstered Corners

The UAG Metropolis Case for iPad Air 5 is described as an accessory built to resist damage during any daily adventure, be it a play session for kids with their friends in a park, or a work session for adults in a cafe or co-working space. The case has an adjustable stand that allows for hands-free viewing and drop test certifications which promise 360-degree protection.

Product Image of Targus ProTek Rotating Rugged Case for iPad Air 5

Targus Pro-Tek Rotating Case

Introduces Rotatability

The Targus Pro-Tek Rotating Case, as indicated by its name, adds rugged protection to iPad Air 5 alongside the ability to rotate about a point, allowing users to easily switch from portrait to landscape orientation. The reinforced corners on this case also act as chambers to allow the audio output to sound more full by deflecting it towards you, mimicking a set of front-facing speakers.

Product Image of SaharaCase DualShock Protection Rugged Case for iPad Air 5

SaharaCase DualShock Protection Case

Hand Strap for Better Grip

The DualShock Protection Case by SaharaCase brings a heavy-duty option for iPad Air 5 with the construction that uses TPU and polycarbonate, hardened to allow for improved durability. The case also has a built-in kickstand and a hand strap to make propping up the device or carrying it an easy task to accomplish.

Product Image of MoKo Rugged Case for iPad Air 5

MoKo Rugged Case

Inexpensive & Built-in Screen Protector

The MoKo Rugged Case for iPad Air 5 uses a dual-layer design of TPU and a hard shell to protect the tablet without hampering any functionality. The accessory also has a freely adjustable kickstand that will help prop up the iPad to allow for hands-free usage scenarios. There is also an included screen protector if you want to use one to protect the front of your iPad while it’s in a case.

Which Rugged Case should you buy for iPad Air 5?

If you’ve read through this guide and haven’t been able to pick the perfect rugged for your iPad Air 5, here are some of our thoughts on which products we think you should consider getting.

First up is the SUPCASE UB Pro for its all-around protection. It incorporates many elements into its package, like the built-in screen protector, TPU for its corners, port covers, and a dedicated slot for the Apple Pencil, which makes it a very attractive purchase. If you need a cheaper alternative to this case, the MoKo Case is the next best option. Although, it does sacrifice a couple of niceties included with the SUPCASE.

Now, if you’re looking for a more muted look, the OtterBox Defender Pro Series and Spigen’s Rugged Armor Pro are the next best options. The former is definitely more protective, but it does add a significant amount of bulk to the iPad, so make your choice carefully in this case. If having port covers isn’t a necessity, we would recommend going with the sleeker Spigen.

This marks the end of our rugged case recommendations for iPad Air 5. If you have any suggestions for this guide, make sure to let us know with your comments below.

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