Best pet trackers and smart collars 2021

Best pet trackers and smart collars 2021

Best pet trackers and smart collars 2021

pet trackers and smart collars
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As a fierce animal lover, keeping my beloved fur babies safe and sound is extremely important. So if you’re like me, grabbing a couple of the best pet trackers and smart collars from this list will help you do just that. You can use these pet gadgets for many things: locating your precious pets in those worst-case scenarios, keeping track of their health, or training them humanely with these trusted picks. Here are some of the most reliable pet trackers and smart collars available right now.

Whistle Go Explore Gps Health Fitness Smart Collar Reco

Whistle GO Explore GPS + Health + Fitness Tracker

Staff Pick

The waterproof Whistle GO Explore tracker monitors your dog’s health and fitness, provides real-time GPS location updates, and so much more. You need a subscription and to buy a separate collar, making it a bit pricey. But that’s worth it for all the amazing features you get in one product.

Samsung Galaxy Smarttag Plus Reco

Tag, you’re it!:
Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+

Samsung’s upgraded Galaxy SmartTag+ has all the plus points of the small and lightweight SmartTag and then some. You can hang it around the necks of cats, small dogs, and larger puppers too. The Plus model brings UltraWide Band to the table, resulting in more accurate tracking only for compatible Samsung phones.

Dr Trainer B1 Pro Dogs Bark Collar No Shock Reco

Humane solution:
Dr.Trainer B1 Pro Dogs Bark Collar

This anti-barking collar from Dr.Trainer comes with a companion app for phones and watches. It painlessly trains your dog using customized sounds and vibrations to modify behavior. You get about 14 days of battery in one go and IPX7 water resistance. No shock collars are always the way to go with your doggo!

$40 at Amazon

Tracki Gps Tracker Reco

Go global:
Tracki Mini GPS Tracker

Tracki masters the art of being thorough with its global GPS coverage. This tiny little tracker can be attached to your pet’s harness or collar and deliver updates in real-time. However, the device itself isn’t enough. You must pay a monthly or yearly fee to use it. Despite this, the overall costs associated are meager as opposed to the benefits that you get.

Apple Airtag Reco

For iPhone users:
Apple AirTag

Samsung may have done it first, but Apple executed the AirTags perfectly. The downside? Android devices can’t connect to Apple devices. So if you’ve got an iPhone, choosing the Apple AirTag for your pets is a no-brainer. You can even engrave the tag with your four-legged friend’s name.

Whistle Switch Gps Health Fitness Smart Collar Reco

Sleek design:
Whistle Switch GPS + Health + Fitness – Smart Dog Collar

Just like the Whistle GO Explore, you can keep track of your dog’s health and location with this tracker. You get notified about your doggo’s every movement. It has an IPX8 waterproof rating, and it’s designed to be slim ‘n’ trim. This makes it suitable for pups of all sizes or even smaller pets such as cats. Don’t forget that this too has a subscription.

Nzonpet Waterproof Touch Screen Collar Reco

Lean, mean, touch screen:
Nzonpet Touch Screen Collar

This one’s another humane collar made to train dogs against barking but with a twist. There’s a touch screen that allows you to select 12 adjustable beeps and vibrations. It’ll need to be juiced up every 18 days on average. The chip inside recognizes your dog’s specific bark, so it doesn’t react to other canines. Surprisingly, it is also waterproof.

$40 at Amazon

Tractive Waterproof Gps Dog Tracker Reco

Anywhere you go:
Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker

The best GPS trackers all need a subscription plan to work, including the Tractive Waterproof GPS Tracker. It ships from the EU, but you can use it anywhere with an LTE network. The only catch is, you need to be on the premium plan to use it in the US. On the plus side, it’s got top-of-the-line specs, and you get a 14-day guarantee.

DogRook Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar Reco

Train smarter:
DogRook Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

DogRook incorporated a smart chip into this no shock training collar that automatically sounds a noise or buzzes when your dog woofs. It is a safe and effective way to teach your pups not to unsolicitedly sing the song of their people. Getting it wet isn’t a good idea as it’s not waterproof.

Stopwoofer Humane Dog Bark Collar Reco

Stop that woofing:
StopWoofer Dog Bark Collar

This smart collar has automatically leveled feedback in the form of harmless vibrations and beeps for bark training. It has a brilliant safety feature where the device shuts off by itself after the seventh and final correction level.

$33 at Amazon

NPS No Shock Bark Collar Reco

Gain without pain:
NPS No Shock Anti-Bark Device

If you’ve got a dog who is naturally inclined towards howling, smart anti-bark collars like this are reasonable solutions. The NPS No Shock Anti-Bark Device also relies on audio and vibration alone. You get a smart, hypoallergenic collar that learns your dog’s sound and only responds to it.

$30 at Amazon

Jiobit Real Time Gps Tracker For Pets Reco

For U.S. residents:
Jiobit – Smallest Real-Time GPS Location Tracker

Jiobit is a lightweight, shockproof and waterproof tracker for cats and dogs. Once you’ve signed up for a monthly plan, you get access to an Android and iOS app. It offers countrywide tracking in the US, real-time updates, and GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, & cellular connectivity.

Raise your pups and kitties with love

Taking care of an animal is an honor and a blessing. So be sure to raise your pups and kitties with the respect and adoration they deserve. The Whistle GO Explore is the best pet tracker and smart collar that I recommend. It helps monitor every vital aspect of your fur baby, tracking health and location data. The collar and subscription plan need to be purchased separately, but you won’t find such a comprehensive package anywhere else.

If you’ve got yourself a shameless singer on your hands, we recommend a harmless anti-barking smart collar for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The Dr.Trainer B1 Pro trains your pups exceptionally well, and the companion app is a convenient tool. I implore you never even to consider the evil that is a shock collar.

Technology is as exciting as it can get, with many surprisingly helpful smart products for pet parents. After you’ve donned your pets in the best trackers and smart collars, take a look at our top robot vacuum recommendations for pet hair. It may be a bit intimidating for your furry companion, but there are ways to keep your robot vacuum and pets living harmoniously.

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