Best heavy duty cases for Google Pixel 6 in 2022

Even with a Gorilla Glass Victus screen and a Gorilla Glass 5 rear panel, the Google Pixel 6 is a glass phone, which demands extra protection. To avoid scary spiderweb shatters, impact protection is crucial, but keeping out dust, sand, and dirt is essential. If rough particulate matter slips between the case and phone, it can lead to ghastly scratches once you take your phone out of this Fort Knox of a case. Balancing protection, style, price, and slimness, here are the best heavy-duty Pixel 6 cases.

Guard against shattered glass with the best heavy-duty Pixel 6 cases

Why impact protection is paramount for heavy-duty Pixel 6 cases

While heavy-duty cases are designed to keep your brand new phone safe from every angle an attack (or a drop) could come from, the best heavy-duty Pixel 6 cases are prepped for high drops and odd angles for a reason. We’ve already seen more than a few horror stories of sickening spiderweb cracks across the screen or back after the Pixel 6 slipped out of their pocket. Damage could’ve been prevented by high-impact resistant cases like the Incipio Grip and Ghostek Covert.

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