Best Black Friday Phone Deals

Best Black Friday Phone Deals

Best Black Friday Phone Deals

If you’re looking for a new phone this Black Friday, then rest assured, you’re not the only one.

Smartphones are among the most popular bits of tech during the year’s biggest sales season, with discounts on both SIM-free handsets and phones available on contract from carriers.

It’s tricky to tell which phones are really discounted for Black Friday and which have just been selling at a lower price for months though, especially if you’re looking at an older handset – where the discounts are deeper.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and scoured phone stores for the best savings we can find. Our focus here is on high-end and flagship devices, though we’ve kept a few cheaper phones in the mix too where they’re really good. If you know you want a more affordable phone though, check out our separate guides to the best budget phone deals and best mid-range phone deals.

Best phone deals right now

6. Oppo Find X2 Pro (12GB RAM, 512GB)

Now: £599  (£400 off)

Oppo’s superb Find X2 Pro was one of the best phones of 2020 and enjoys a sizeable discount of £400 for Black Friday, helped by the fact that its successor, the Find X3 Pro is here.

7. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (128GB) with Galaxy Buds 2

Now: £550  (£188 off)

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE costs £599 if you go directly to Samsung while the Galaxy Buds 2 cost £139 (though now available for £99 from Amazon). Very’s offer saves you a whopping £188 on this bundle!

8. Apple iPhone 12 (with 100GB data)

Now: £49.99 upfront, £33.99 per month (£865.75 TCO)

After several months of near-miraculous iPhone contracts, iD has retreated a little: this iPhone 12 deal costs roughly the same as one the company was offering in October, only with 100GB instead of unlimited data. Mind you, for most of us 100GB is pretty much the same as unlimited.

10. Samsung Galaxy S21 (8GB RAM, 256GB)

Now: £699  (£120 off)

The higher storage capacity build of Samsung’s 2021 flagship enjoys a sizeable £120 discount off its RRP in this Amazon deal. Discount varies by colour, check before purchase.

12. Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro (6GB RAM, 128GB)

Now: £169  (£60 off)

Our favourite budget phone of the moment, Xiaomi’s Poco X3 Pro already represents phenomenal value and enjoys an extra discount direct from Amazon. For just an extra tenner, you can pick up the 256GB version from Amazon (now £179).

What phone should I buy?

Which phone is best? The answer lies in how you use your phone, your budget and what you’re looking to get out of your phone. Tech Advisor has a number of buying guides to help you decide the best way forward. We’ve outlined some of the key points and what to expect out of each buying guide below.

Find the best phone for you

If you’re looking for deals on the best smartphone on the market, there are a few things you may need to consider. First off, should you buy an iPhone or an Android? Should you buy unlocked or on a pay-monthly plan? And also, how do you choose the right SIM?

Of course, the best phones on the market will often have premium prices too. Samsung Galaxy S phones and Apple’s iPhones may seem like the go-to choice but if you’re on a budget there are tonnes of other powerful options out there for less-than-premium prices too (see the best Chinese phones guide, as an example).

Some of the most impressive phones on the market right now – like the OnePlus 9 Pro, Oppo Find X3 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra – all come from Chinese brands.

Chinese phones can be powerful, often with dual-SIM support, and usually at competitive prices. On the flip side, some may be difficult to return if there are any issues and you may need to pay import duty, depending on where you’re getting them from.

Not all of them are available worldwide though, with more options in Europe than in north America.

If the Chinese manufacturer in question doesn’t yet have an official presence in your local market, chances are you’re buying their phones via grey-market retailers, which may need cautious navigation.

Buy a second-hand iPhone

Buying a second-hand or refurbished phone is another way to score a great deal, oftentimes on premium handsets like the iPhone. Our colleagues over at Macworld have assembled their own guide on the best way to buy a second-hand iPhone.

Best dual-SIM phones

Our rundown of the best dual-SIM phones goes through what to look for before you go ahead and buy such a device; such as what SIM sizes are supported and if both SIMs are 4G and/or 5G-compatible.

We also explain the difference between dual-standby and dual-active SIM support. This affects whether or not you can actively receive calls from both SIMs at the same time.

Best basic phones

If you’re looking for a phone which will let you do the basics – call, text and browse minimally – you can find several phones for less than £50 with cheap monthly rates too. Our guide to the best basic phones goes through what you can expect in terms of specifications, storage, audio and camera quality from a smartphone or feature phone.

Best kids’ phones

If you’re looking for a phone for your child, there are few other things to consider (such as waterproofing). Our guide details what sort of specs to look for (does it support casual gaming and YouTube, for instance?) and the ideal amount of storage the phone should support for your tot to be happy.

What phone deals are available?

Retailers often have deals on tons of handsets, so keep your eyes peeled, not to mention Amazon sells SIM-free phones at very attractive prices from time to time. 

Samsung discounts

Samsung currently offers a trade-in programme where you can get hundreds off the company’s latest and greatest smartphones (depending on the value of the device you’re trading in). Get Samsung’s trade-in offers here.

iPhone discounts 

While Apple itself doesn’t often feature discounts, like Samsung, it does offer its own trade-in programme. If you’ve got an older iPhone, you can put its value towards money off a new iPhone, with Apple currently offering hundreds off depending on your phone.

Android discounts

Many retailers also have significant savings on budget and mid-range handsets from the likes of Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus, and more.

If you’re looking to buy a phone outright, rather than on-contract, Amazon has some of the biggest bargains, but make sure you check the specs carefully – third-party sellers sometimes use Amazon to shift international stock, which may vary slightly from what you’d find in stores.

If you find that you’re missing out on Amazon’s Lightning deals, which run for just a few hours and offer limited stock, we’d recommend signing up for Amazon’s 30-day free trial of Prime, which will get you access to deals 30 minutes before everyone else. Plus, you’ll get free next-day delivery with the Prime trial, as well as access to Prime Instant Video and more. Sign up for Prime now.

If you’re studying, also check out our article on the best phone contracts for students.

Want more great deals on the latest tech? We round up the best tech deals in the UK all in one place and update them every week, so you’re guaranteed to find a bargain in there, somewhere.

Want more Black Friday deals?

Black Friday arrives on Friday 26 November this year, followed by Cyber Monday on 29 November, and we’re rounding up the best Black Friday deals across all sorts of tech.

We also have a dedicated article answering all your burning Black Friday-related questions, should you want to know more.

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