Apple Watch Series 6 teardown reveals larger battery and average repairability

Apple Watch Series 6 is the latest and greatest that Apple has to offer from its smartwatch portfolio. In fact, the new Apple smartwatch packs in more power and additional sensors that will let users measure the saturation level of oxygen in their blood. And impressively, Apple has managed to fit in all those sensors and hardware inside an even thinner chassis than its predecessor. Now, iFixit has given the Apple Watch Series 6 its traditional teardown treatment, giving us a look at its metallic guts. 

Image: iFixit

iFixit notes that it is now easier to pry open the internals, thanks to the departure of the Force Touch gasket. To recall, Apple has killed the Force Touch pressure-sensitivity feature with the arrival of watchOS 7, and has therefore removed the Force Touch gasket from the Apple Watch Series 6. The company has used the vacant space to fit in a larger Taptic Engine and a bigger battery. Talking about batteries, Apple has retained the battery design seen on the Apple Watch Series 5, but the capacity has gone up this year.

Image: iFixit

The Apple Watch Series 6’s 44mm variant packs a battery rated at 1.17 Wh, which is 3.5% larger than the one seen on Apple Watch Series 5. The 40mm variant of the Apple Watch comes equipped with a 1.024 Wh-rated battery, which is 8.5%  bigger than its Series 5 equivalent. The teardown also reveals that there are fewer display connectors inside the Apple Watch Series 6 and there is only one grounding cable, paving the way for a more streamlined internal design.

Image: iFixit

Talking about the ease of repair, iFixit has given the Apple Watch Series 6 an average repairability score of 6/10. The teardown expert mentions that screen replacement is possible and replacing the battery won’t be too difficult either. However, the “tiny tri-point screws throughout the watch can be difficult to remove.” And since multiple component cables are mounted directly to the S6 SiP module, it would require careful soldering to replace them if they are torn.

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