Apple unveils new HomePod mini colors

Apple unveils new HomePod mini colors

Apple unveils new HomePod mini colors

On Monday, 18th October, at the Unleashed Keynote streamed from Cupertino: Apple unveiled a new set of colors for HomePod mini to make it easier to mesh into your home. Alongside the Space Grey and White options, you can now buy the smart speaker in Blue, Yellow, and Orange. It still starts at $99 and can be purchased in the new avatars this November.

Apple’s Bob Borchers added, “HomePod mini sounds incredible, and with access to more than 90 million songs in the global Apple Music catalog and deep integration with your Apple devices, it’s the must-have smart speaker for iPhone users.”

Now, the color refresh is not the only change coming to HomePod mini. Because Apple will be expanding its capability to recognize multiple users to all regions where the product is available. Siri will also now have the ability to automatically adjust volume, control Apple TVs, control appliances with increased granularity, and even use Find My to locate your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, or AirTag.

And as always, the OEM also noted that Privacy is of utmost importance and how “Hey Siri” is recognized locally, with any information sent to Apple Servers being anonymized and not available for use with adverts.

The event also introduced a new Apple Music subscription tier called the Voice Plan, which starts at $4.99, becoming available alongside the $9.99 Individual and $14.99 Family Plan. Its headline-seeking feature is that all controls are now done via voice.

I wonder how seamlessly it functions without misinterpreting what was said.

    HomePod mini
    The HomePod mini is Apple’s answer to devices like Alexa and the Nest Mini. If you’re tied into HomeKit and other Apple services, this is a device you can’t go wrong with.

Also, the HomePod mini was not the only audio-based device unveiled, as Apple finally introduced the long-rumored third-generation of AirPods. To learn more, check out this piece by Roland Udvarlaki, who details the factors you need to know. To give you a small brief, it features a redesign, making it smaller than the previous generation while improving its battery for six hours of listening time.

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