Apple to work on OLED screens ready for the age of foldables

Apple to work on OLED screens ready for the age of foldables

Apple to work on OLED screens ready for the age of foldables

Aside from the hybrid iPad with a macOS, Apple is also reportedly working with LG on foldable OLED panels. While the foldable technology will probably not yet make it to the next iPad or iPhone generation, Apple’s upcoming OLED screens will benefit from a key advantage.

  • Apple is said to be developing its foldable OLED screens.
  • Apple could incorporate thinner display panels on its folding devices.
  • A foldable iPhone or iPad may still be years away from today.

A new report from TheElec suggests that Apple is already developing its flexible and foldable OLED screens. Just like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Apple’s new panels will not use polarizers. Omitting the polarizer from a display enables an overall thinner device in exchange for a lower peak brightness and reduced visibility.

Samsung has overcome the issue with its current foldable devices through its custom “Eco Square” technology. However, Apple may use a different approach: One possible scenario is by employing ultra-thin glass covers instead of the polyimide material found on early foldable panels.

iPad hybrid accessory with Macbook OS features
Apple is rumored to launch a hybrid iPad tablet with Mac OS features in the future. / © Patently Apple

Foldable iPad, iPhone, and MacBook

Apple has been filing patents relating to foldable and modular devices for some time now. So, it is no surprise if eventually these foldable displays arrive in the future iPad or iPhone – but most likely not before 2025, and Apple could introduce first a foldable tablet between the size of a MacBook and an iPad, reports TheElec.

Although there is already a plan for Apple to launch a foldable smartphone similar to the Vivo X Fold or Oppo Find N in the future, the company is said to focus on devices with larger form factors. Considerably, Apple is believed to release a full-screen iPhone with no notch first before banking on a foldable one.

Do you think Apple is already late for the foldable party – or do you see foldable phones as a gimmick anyways? Let us know your thoughts.

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