Wed. Oct 20th, 2021
Apple Shuffles Executives to Increase Focus on AR/VR Headset Development

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Back in January, Apple announced that its hardware engineering chief Dan Riccio would be transitioning into a new role for a ‘secret project’. Today, a new report has come out claiming that Riccio has taken the role of head in Apple’s AR/VR department.

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, claims that Dan Riccio, who joined the company in 1998 and previously headed Apple’s Hardware division, would be transitioning into a new role as Senior Vice President of Apple’s AR and VR projects. Reports claim that Apple has faced some bottlenecks in the development of long-rumored Apple Glass and its high-end mixed reality headset. People within Apple thought Riccio’s additional focus could help with these projects.

Moreover, Apple has also notified its staff that Johny Srouji, who previously was in charge of processors and modems, has shifted to the in-house displays and camera technology department. Report details:

“The move suggests the company is getting closer to shipping its first devices with fully custom displays, replacing those from outside suppliers. Apple has a facility near its Silicon Valley headquarters developing MicroLED screens.”

Apple is also looking to venture into health hardware products. Last week, a company listing for  Senior Engineering Project Manager for Apple’s Health Hardware division leaked the company’s plan of expansion into Apple-branded medical devices.

A lot about Apple’s Mixed Reality headset leaked last week. The upcoming Apple AR/VR headset could feature two 8K displays, eye-tracking technology, and is said to be controlled by a ‘thimble-like’ device. On a similar note, how much would you be willing to pay for Apple’s AR headset?

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[Via Bloomberg]

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