Mon. Oct 18th, 2021
Apple says iOS 15 improves Face ID’s anti-spoofing technology

Apple just released iOS 15 to all users. After three months of testing and some features delayed, the company is also revealing what security issues it’s fixing with the latest version of its iPhone operating system.

Apple says that iOS 15 brings a fix regarding the Face ID technology, which is, of course, available to all devices with the TrueDepth sensor: all the way from the iPhone X to the iPhone 12 line and third-generation iPad Pro.

Here’s what Apple reveals that was happening:

Impact: A 3D model constructed to look like the enrolled user may be able to authenticate via Face ID

Description: This issue was addressed by improving Face ID anti-spoofing models.

The company said it “improved Face ID anti-spoofing models,” which reminds everyone of when the technology launched with the iPhone X and people tried to bypass its security by creating 3D masks. After all, we discovered that some identical twins are likely to bypass each other’s phones way more than any 3D model or 3D mask.

Although it’s an important security fix, Apple says it’s already fixed. The company also addresses a few fixes with the Neural Engine, CoreML, Siri, Kernel, Preferences, WebKit, and more.

You can learn everything about security patches with iOS 15 in this document here.

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